When Does La Brea Season 2 Start? And How Many Episodes Will It Be?

La Brea‘s Season 1 finale had barely drawn to a close, and already many a TVLine reader was asking: “When does Season 2 start?!”

Well, we have the answer to that, plus many related questions about the return of this TV season’s top-rated new drama.

NBC’s La Brea stars Natalie Zea (Justified) as Eve Harris, a mild-mannered office manager who, with teen son Josh (Jack Martin), plummets into a massive sinkhole that busts open in downtown Los Angeles. After gingerly landing in some strange world, Eve, Josh and the other survivors — including Sam (Jon Seda), his daughter Riley (Veronica St. Clair), Ty (Chiké Okonkwo), stoner Scott (Rohan Mirchandaney) and drug dealer Lucas (Josh McKenzie) — come to realize that they are in fact still in L.A., but circa 12,000 years ago!

While they puzzle over ever finding a way home, Eve’s estranged husband Gavin (Eoin Macken) and their daughter Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) are topside in 2021, working with Dr. Sophia Nathan (Virginie Laverdure) and later her colleague Rebecca Aldridge (Ming-Zhu Hii) to launch a rescue mission into the sinkhole — despite opposition from DHS agent Markman (Toby Truslove).

Season 1 ended with — SPOILERS AHEAD! — that realization that Isaiah, a little boy from a primeval village, is in fact a young Gavin. And that if he does not hop a ride on the next portal back to 1988, he will never grow up to meet Eve and sire their children! Meanwhile, Isaiah’s mysterious grandfather Silas (Mark Lee) plotted again and again to keep the lad in 10,000 B.C. (You can read our finale recap to see how all of that turned out!)

Read on for the latest word on when La Brea will resume filming, how soon fans can expect Season 2, and more….

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