Hamilton: 10 Moments to Revisit From the Disney+ Film — Plus, Grade It!

Hamilton Movie

Attention all theater kids, American history buffs and parents who signed up for Disney+ just so the little ones could watch Frozen 2:

The Hamilton-ing is upon us.

A filmed performance of the Tony-winning musical hit the streaming service Friday. Originally planned for an Oct. 15, 2021, theatrical release, the movie’s rollout was tweaked earlier this year in light of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

Because we’ve been obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s magnum opus since its off-Broadway days at New York’s Public Theater, we couldn’t wait for it (wait for it) to become widely available — so we could share our favorite parts of the show.

Whether you’re watching for the first time or the 101st time, here are a collection of moments you’re going to want to view over and over. They include an unguarded boogie, some unexpected beatboxing, a section of choreography that rewinds itself and a scene that even devotees of the original Broadway cast recording don’t know by heart… yet.

Keep scrolling to see all of our favorite Hamilmoments, grade Disney+’s presentation of the musical via the poll below, then hit the comments to let us know your favorite parts of the show!

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