Hacks: 7 Things We Want to See In Season 2 (and Beyond)

Hacks Season 2 Things We Want to See

Any time TV icon Jean Smart graces our screens, you can count that we’re not only watching, but are beyond transfixed.  As such, one can imagine our sheer joy when HBO Max announced the renewal of Hacks in June.

While we anxiously await the biting comedy’s return (premiere date TBD), we’ve got some storylines and plot developments living rent-free in our brains that we simply must see more of come Season 2.

When we last left the ladies in the Season 1 finale (refresh yourself with a full recap here), tensions between Deborah (played by Smart) and Ava (Hannah Einbinder) simmered to a boil after Deborah discovered Ava lied to her about a job interview. In the midst of a fiery argument, Ava called her boss a “hack,” only to get swiftly slapped across the face mere minutes before the comedian was set to debut her new material at her final Vegas show.

The women ultimately buried the hatchet by season’s end, but drunken Ava’s biiiig screw-up-turned-cliffhanger remains a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, and the shrapnel from that eventual fallout is bound to devastate. (More on that snafu below.)

So what will happen once Deborah inevitably learns about Ava’s transgression? As we anticipate what’s to come, here are seven things we want to see happen in Hacks’ sophomore run and beyond. Read our list below, then chime in with your own Season 2 must-list by lighting up the Comments section.

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