Grey's Anatomy Returning to Its Roots in Season 19, Says EP Krista Vernoff — and Bringing 3 Couples to a Crossroads

Maybe you’ve read: Grey’s Anatomy’s vitals are extremely good going into Thursday’s Season 19 (!) premiere. (Our review here.) And a lot of the credit for that goes to the ABC drama’s new class of residents and the possibilities that their hiring brings to the (operating) table. (More on them here.)

greys anatomy season 19 spoilers“This season is really about returning to the roots of the show,” showrunner Krista Vernoff tells TVLine. “What can you do when you have five series-regular interns the way that we did in those early years? [Back then,] we wanted to focus on what it is to try and become a surgeon when you don’t know anything — how frightening and life-and-death everything is.

“This new class,” she adds, “allows us to get back to that.”

The rookie doctors may be diamonds in the rough, but the quintet of familiar faces that plays them is made up of gems. “We spent a long time very carefully casting this group,” says Vernoff. “I love all five of the actors and all five of the characters, and that’s a really exciting place to start from.”

While counting down the minutes until the ABC drama’s return on Thursday (at 9/8c), read on for previews of what’s in store for Addison, Bailey, Owen and Teddy, Winston and Maggie, and more.