Evil's Mike Colter, Katja Herbers and EPs Offer Delightfully Devilish Details Ahead of the Long-Awaited Season 2

Evil Season 2 Preview Mike Colter Katja Herbers Interview

Hop in the handbasket, Evil fans: We’re going to Hell.

The supernatural drama, which moved from CBS to Paramount+ between seasons, returns Sunday. But it’s been a long time since last we hung out with David Acosta, Kristen Bouchard & Co. — after all, the Season 1 finale aired in January 2020 — so we wouldn’t blame you if you were a little hazy on the finer points of where things left off.

The short version? Katja Herbers‘ Kristen may or may not have killed a man who threatened her family, and subsequently may or may not be possessed by an evil entity. And Mike Colter‘s David doesn’t know either of those things… but he’s severely unsettled after having a vision of Kristen frolicking with a demonic being.

Oh, and Satan may be trying to undermine all that is good and holy in the world by messing with a fertility clinic’s embryos.

Thankfully, TVLine recently communed with series creators Robert King and Michelle King and stars Colter and Herbers in order to get the scoop on the upcoming season, which will unspool weekly on the streamer. Scroll down to get caught up and to find out what lurks ahead.