Bridgerton vs. Sanditon: Which Had the Better Season 2? Cast Your Vote!

Bridgerton vs. Sanditon

Bridgerton and Sanditon have titles that sound a little alike, and both are Regency-era dramas. However, the similarities between the two beloved shows end there, for the most part.

Both series lost their hot leading men following the inaugural seasons. Regé-Jean Page did a one-and-done on the Netflix offering from Shonda Rhimes’ camp, and Theo James bowed out of PBS’ Jane Austen adaptation for bigger and better prospects. The show must go on, and the writers and producers behind Bridgerton and Sanditon deserve credit for creating sophomore seasons that were just as strong, if not stronger, than the initial outings.

Which got us to thinking: Which period drama had the better Season 2? Bridgerton, which is based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling novels, had so much simmering sexual tension between its leading couple, Anthony and Kate, that its predominately female audience watched it even more than Season 1 and created the cute couple name “Kanthony.”


Sanditon, on the other hand, unpacked a titillating love triangle for Charlotte that ended with a buzzy breakup that has people champing at the bit for Season 3. In comparison, Bridgerton Season 3 will pivot to a whole new couple and romance while giving fans a second helping of “Kanthony” because, as we all know, the pair’s courtship was cut short.

Torn between the two? Read our list of comparisons and contrasts before voting in our poll, and then drop your thoughts in the comments.

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