Bob Hearts Abishola's Gina Yashere Teases a Forbidden Affair and a Visit From Bob's Dead Dad (?!) in Season 4

Sockman’s pondering retirement in Season 4 of CBS’ Bob Hearts Abishola — and the missus is none too happy.

The Monday, Sept. 19 premiere (CBS, 8:30/7:30c) deals with the fallout from Goodwin’s decision to leave MaxDot to work for a fledgling competitor, Toesey Woesies. “Bob is very unhappy about losing his top guy, especially losing his top guy to Christina,” series co-creator and star Gina Yashere tells TVLine. And when Bob in turn confronts his sister, “they have a… spirited discussion, I’d say. But Christina stands up to Bob and basically says, ‘Maybe you need to look at yourself as to why Goodwin has left the company. Maybe it has something to do with you not actually making good on promises you’ve been making him in his career.'”

It quickly becomes apparent to Bob, Kofo and the rest of the MaxDot family that Goodwin is essential to the business. As always, Dottie and Douglas rely on Bob to pick up the slack, but the added pressure begins to take its toll on Mr. Wheeler.

“Seeing Christina leave, seeing Goodwin leave, and seeing that he’s sort of left behind, Bob starts to consider whether he’s in this job because he wants to be, or whether it’s out of obligation,” Yashere previews. By the end of the season opener, we’ll see Bob “make a decision to step back [from the company], and it comes about quite quickly.” It’s a decision that, as you might expect, doesn’t go over well with Abishola.

“She’s a traditional Nigerian woman, and she married a strong, hard-working businessman,” Yashere says. “Now, who she thought she married is [changing]. It’s a struggle for Abishola,” who is also dealing with her mother’s forbidden fling with a man of the cloth.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek from the season opener above, then keep scrolling as Yashere (who was recently elevated to co-showrunner on B❤️A) previews what the returning sitcom has planned this fall — including a visit from the great beyond.