9 Hidden Canadian TV Gems (In Case U.S. Networks Have More Slots to Fill!)

Best Canadian TV Shows

As U.S. broadcast-TV networks scramble to “stock their shelves” for the fall, they seem to be importing more and more goods from the Great White North. Are there even more hidden Canadian gems left for NBC, The CW et al left to mine?

Canadian television is becoming quite the viable option for networks looking to bolster their content in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. NBC, for example, recently decided to scrub in with the medical refugee drama Transplant, which debuted its freshman run on CTV in February.

The CW, meanwhile — already the Stateside home to CBC’s Burden of Truth — is aiming to breathe new life into the Canadian outlet’s Coroner, by hosting the Serinda Swan-led detective series’ first two seasons (starting this fall, where it will air on Wednesday nights). And CBC’s Diggstown was recently acquired by BET+.

Of course, no one yet has a firm grasp on exactly when the production of TV dramas and comedies will be able to safely ramp back up, or at how quickly a pace. And the Big 4’s ABC (which in the past successfully recruited Global’s Rookie Blue) and NBC have yet to offer even a glimpse of what their fall slates will look like.

All of which is our way of saying: If those networks or any others are still foraging for new-to-U.S. viewers fare, here are nine more Canadian offerings worth their weight in maple syrup.

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