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2021 in Review: 12 Dumb Things TV Did

Dumb TV Ideas Decisions

If we have learned anything from our years and years of interviewing network executives, producers and actors, it’s that making TV is not easy. So, the occasional foul-up and blunder is bound to happen along the way.

All of which is our genteel way of saying… that it is that time, in TVLine’s annual Year in Review, to take stock of the (how do we say this politely?) “questionable” calls made over the past 12 months, and the [Consulting thesaurus again] “dubious” handling of some PR hot potatoes.

Among this year’s ignominious ideas were one sitcom’s overt replacement of two POC characters with two other POC characters… the Academy Awards’ decision to bet on an emotional finish… Disney+ angling to test our patience a la HBO’s infamous Game of Thrones reveal… and, of course, the rightly scrutinized conclusion of Jeopardy!‘s months-long host hunt.

Also due for dings are the confusing+ presentation of this year’s Tony Awards, a criminally unceremonious send-off for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Comic-Con’s turkey of a scheduling idea, and much more.

Review our curation of the Dumb Things TV Did This Year, then feel free to let loose with your own loud raspberries!

Still ahead in TVLine’s #2021inReview: The Performer of the Year, Quotes of the Year, The ‘Ships of the Year, the Best Series Finales and so, so much more.

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