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Year in Review: 12 Dumb Things TV Did

Bad Tv Decisions Cancelled Renewals

It’s not easy being streamed. That was one of the lessons 2020 taught us, as the launches of several new services hit snags due to questionable, if unavoidable, decisions.

As TVLine compiled this year’s list of Dumb Things TV Did, it became clear that 2020 as a whole presented new and unique challenges for the industry, as the pandemic wreaked havoc on scheduling while also adding a new level of difficulty to certain shows that, some bigwigs decided, mayyyyybe weren’t worth renewing after all?

Also among this year’s highly questionable moves and mishaps, you have a spinoff announcement that totally spoiled the outcome of a potential cliffhanger, some really underwhelming reality-TV casting, The Mandalorian‘s answer to Game of Thrones‘ misplaced coffee cup, and the scheduling of a presidential town hall that should have not been up for debate.

And on a most serious note, at least one televised awards show attempted to take a step towards in-person, mask-less normalcy that was, arguably, premature.

For more of TV’s biggest gaffes of the year, check out our list below, and don’t forget to hit Comments to remind us of any bad decisions we may have missed. 

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