Animal Kingdom Series Finale Photos: It's a Fight to the Finish for the Codys — Plus, Whoa, It's a Whole New [Spoiler]

animal kingdom series finale photos

Does crime pay? And if so, for whom? Those questions are paramount to Sunday’s Season 6 — and series — finale of TNT’s Animal Kingdom (at 9/8c).

Though Smurf’s sons think that nephew J has made arrangements to split the late queenpin’s estate with them after they break Pope out of jail, Julia’s boy appears to have other plans. His, as revealed in the penultimate episode (recapped here), run more along the lines of, “I totally screw you guys over and make off with all the loot with my hot new girlfriend before you even notice that your backs have fresh stab marks in ’em.”

Will J get away with betraying his uncles? If so, he’d be the first. And he would have to survive one hell of a fight first. While counting down the seconds until the premiere of the ominously titled “FUBAR,” check out the below first-look photos from the finale — including one that includes the most extreme of makeovers.

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