7 Reasons Why 1883 Might Be Your Jam (Even If You Don't Love Yellowstone)


I know pretty much everyone who watches even one episode of the western primetime soap Yellowstone instantly loves it. But that (really, really large) number doesn’t include me.

I’ve got nothing against Taylor Sheridan’s juggernaut Paramount Network series, which stars Kevin Costner as the patriarch of a Montana ranching family. I’m glad people like it! But the horses and the power plays and the horse-related power plays just never hit my TV-viewing sweet spot, and I thought Yellowstone would just get filed away in the same, foggy part of my brain where all of the NCISes are: There’s a dim awareness of the premise, sure, but little more.

But then came 1883, Yellowstone‘s post-Civil War prequel, a series whose premiere I watched on a whim on a slow day. And to my surprise, faster than you can say “saddle up,” I was ALL. IN.

So in the effort of pulling some Yellowstone averse folks (c’mon, there’s gotta be more of you out there) into the 1883 fold, I’ve pulled together a bunch of reasons that you might actually love the Paramount+ prequel. And if you do happen to think, “Yes, this does kinda sound like my jam!,” good news: You’ve got a week to catch up before 1883‘s Season 1 finale starts streaming on Sunday, Feb. 27. Giddy up!