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Younger Spinoff Cancelled
Courtesy of Paramount+

Friendly warning: This article contains spoilers from the series finale of Younger. Haven’t watched? Get to streaming!

Younger may have ended on a somewhat ambiguous note for leading lady Liza, but at least Kelsey’s future is clear — sort of. After discovering that Rob was actually scamming her (“I have terrible taste in men!”), Kelsey found a new investor for Inkubator in Reese Witherspoon’s production company. (If you don’t remember Kelsey’s dealings with Witherspoon & Co., perhaps the term “age queer” will help jog your memory.)

The catch? Kelsey’s new partnership requires a move to Los Angeles, potentially setting the stage for that Kelsey-centric spinoff we’ve heard so much about. Unfortunately, Star now tells us, “I think that’s pretty much off the table. [Kelsey moving to California] could have set up the spinoff, sure, but that’s also just the way we wanted this to end. We resolved her story regardless of any notion of a spinoff.”

In fact, Star says that Kelsey was always going to be Cali-bound, even if Zane hadn’t abruptly removed himself from her life earlier this season.

“Even if Zane had stuck around, I don’t believe they would have ended up together,” Star says. “Her journey was taking her somewhere else. It was always in our mind that she would set out for Los Angeles and start something new. There were a lot of iterations of that. If Charles Michael Davis had been available to us, things might have played out a little differently, but it was always going to end with Kelsey doing her own thing, alone, heading to Los Angeles.”

And for those of you who couldn’t possibly imagine Kelsey without Lauren by her side, Star acknowledges that “going to LA is certainly one possibility” for Lauren, who has “a lot of paths she could take in her life and career.”

To be fair, the spinoff — which was first reported in May 2020 — was never officially a done deal. And with Duff now set to star in How I Met Your Father, which received a straight-to-series order from Hulu earlier this year, the timing certainly doesn’t seem right.

Your thoughts on Kelsey’s ending, as well as the seres finale as a whole? Weigh in via our polls below, then drop a comment with your full take.

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