Did Younger Just Offer a Brilliant Solution to Liza's Age Problem?

Younger Recap

Friendly warning: This article contains spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Younger. Didn’t watch? Come back tomorrow.

You’ve got to hand it to Liza Miller, she knows how to talk her way out of a sticky situation — even if her logic is “insane and probably offensive.”

Once desperately vigilant about keeping her real age a secret, Liza carelessly blabbed about her double life to notorious pork chop pocketer Don Ridley on Tuesday’s Younger, assuming that his supportive response meant he could be trusted. But it was quickly revealed that Don was writing an article about Liza’s anti-ageism crusade for Vanity Fair, a move which threatened to destroy her career, the credibility of Millennial as an imprint, and Kelsey’s newfound deal with Reese Witherspoon’s production company.

In fact, it was during a conversation with one of Witherspoon’s associates (“Reese is in pieces!”) that Liza was confronted about her age directly. Harkening back to the lesson she half-learned from Lauren (re: her genderqueer assistant) earlier in the episode, Liza fired off this perfectly delivered response:

“I’m age-queer. That fact checker was trying to age-shame us for being young, so I told them I’m old in protest. And it’s like, who cares? I don’t identify as any age. They were so focused on how successful we were for our age and it shouldn’t matter how old we are. … So I told them I’m 41, and let them think that for all I care. We’re post-age.”

While this certainly doesn’t mark the end of Liza’s troubles, the fact that she — with a solid assist from Kelsey — was able to shake off her latest accuser so easily is further proof that Younger has transcended its initial conceit.

“I don’t think the show is about [Liza’s secret] anymore,” Debi Mazar (aka Maggie) told TVLine ahead of the fifth season premiere. “Everyone is so invested in the characters and their lives and their scandals now. I mean, how long did All My Children go?” (For the record, it went for 42 years. I’d keep watching.)

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