The Walking Dead's 25 All-Time Best — or Worst? — Villains, Ranked


“You should fear me,” says the Whisperers’ formidable leader Alpha in The Walking Dead’s first Season 10 trailer. Uh, we already do, lady — like, a lot! The question is, do we find her scary and vicious enough to rank her No. 1 on our list of the AMC drama’s best — that is, worst — villains of all time?

A victory for the heartless head case is hardly a guarantee, given that the competition is so stiff that it includes a gourmand who was as familiar as a zombie with the taste of human flesh, an enemy in friend’s clothing who weaponized children, and a certain baseball-bat-wielding baddie whose recent stabs at redemption have left us, shall we say, conflicted.

As a matter of fact, our countdown includes several heavies who eventually saw the error of their wicked ways and chose alternate paths. But, while that certainly colors our ultimate opinion of them, it doesn’t wipe the slate entirely clean; as such, they remain not only eligible but assured to make the Top 25.

Ready to see which antagonists made the cut — and where they were ranked? Just click on the (rogues’) gallery to the right, or go here for direct access, then hit the comments. Who do you consider the best of the worst?

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