How Grey's Anatomy Has Handled Many High-Profile Exits Over the Years


While Grey’s Anatomy fans continue wonder — and worry about — how original cast member Justin Chambers will be written off, especially since his last episode as Alex Karev has already aired, TVLine has decided to review not only how the ABC drama handled 15 other high-profile exits but also what precipitated them.

Maybe, we thought to ourselves, by doing so, we’ll be able to better predict whether Alex is going to be added to the show’s impressive body count, permanently banished to Iowa or moved to the mysterious part of Seattle that we never see on either Grey’s or its spinoff, Station 19 — you know, the part in which Sarah Drew’s much-missed April Kepner now resides with her husband, Matthew.

Among the Grey’s alumni included in our roundup are a couple of actors who split because they’d received offers they couldn’t — or at least didn’t want to — refuse, a couple whose characters didn’t manage to spike the network’s vitals and at least one whose mouth would’ve done less harm if it had just stuck to the words in the scripts. To explain their and their peers’ departures on screen, Shonda Rhimes & Co. cooked up scenarios ranging from plane crashes to bus accidents to… well, there she goes, leaving the hospital for the day, never to be seen again.

To check out our trip back and forth through Grey’s revolving door, click on the gallery above (or go here for direct access). Then hit the comments with your guesses as to how Alex’s absence will be explained.

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