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2019 in Review: The 20 Funniest TV Moments of the Year

Funniest TV Moments Scenes 2019 Schitt's Creek Russian Doll Succession

As the year (and decade!) draws to a close, we could use a good laugh more than ever… and luckily for us, TV was happy to provide plenty of them in 2019.

TVLine’s Year in Review extravaganza rolls on today by taking aim at our collective funny bone, looking back on 20 TV moments that made us laugh so hard, we needed to press pause on our DVRs just to catch our breath. It was a banner year for comedy, with newcomers like The Other Two and What We Do in the Shadows joining veterans like Schitt’s Creek and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel — and even dramas like This Is Us and Stranger Things chipping in a few chuckles.

Our favorites include an epically bad haircut on Fleabag, a rap tribute gone very wrong on Succession and (of course) a certain adorable baby creature on The Mandalorian. Scroll through the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to see our full list of the year’s funniest TV moments, and then hit the comments below to share any personal favorites we may have missed. (Because we could always use a few more giggles.)

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