Quantum Leap EP Promises Season 1 Answers and Confirms That Season 2 Has Already Begun Filming

Quantum Leap Season 1

This week’s episode of Quantum Leap, airing tonight at 10/9c on NBC, finds Ben in the friendly skies as a flight attendant aboard a packed plane.

With the reveal that Ziggy is the headquarters mole they’ve been looking for, the team won’t be able to rely on the advanced A.I. for this latest mission and will have to figure things out on their own.

“Something we always play with is we’re the past to somebody’s future,” executive producer Dean Georgaris told TVLine during press interviews for this year’s WonderCon. “We think we’re in the present, but we’re in the past. And the reality is that the Ziggy they work with is in the past to the Ziggy from the future.”

When it comes to working with the all-knowing machine, Caitlin Bassett, who plays Addison, noted that “you might get an answer, but is it the right answer? Is it the effective answer? Is it the empathetic answer? Is it the long-term prudent answer?”

“I love when we take [Ziggy] out of the mix a little bit and rely on our own prowess, capabilities, intelligence and own knowledge,” she added. “It allows the characters much more agency.”

The Ziggy reveal came after Martinez (the mystery leaper set on killing Addison in the future) betrayed both Ben and Addison at the end of their mission at the mental asylum, with Martinez stabbing Ben in the neck and leaving him to die. Addison then coached Ben through life-saving measures in time to make the jump for tonight’s episode. Of the near-death experience, Raymond Lee (who portrays Ben) said it deepens their relationship.

“With each leap, we have to overcome something,” Lee shared. “Anytime you brush up against [death] that closely, something forges even stronger.”

As for Martinez, Georgaris noted that each of his appearances is a clue for viewers to figure out his intentions. The mythology of the original show is there was a group of Evil leapers who leapt to do bad,” Georgaris explained. “What’s interesting about what’s happened now is Martinez leaps to do good and he just stabbed our hero. That gets into the ‘everybody is the hero of their own story.’  We wanted to play with this notion of, Martinez looks evil to us, but based on what he knows and where he’s coming from, is he just a man on the mission who will do anything?’”

There are still plenty of questions surrounding Martinez — namely who he works for — and Georgaris assured that all of the questions that were posed at the beginning of the season will all be answered at the end of the season in a way that I think will satisfy everyone.”

Since Quantum Leap secured an early Season 2 renewal in December, the team has already begun production on the show’s sophomore run and recently wrapped filming on Episode 4.” “We took advantage the early renewal and we didn’t take much of a break,” he said. “We decided that  you don’t get a chance that often in television, so let’s make the most of it.”

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