The Walking Dead: Dead City Gets AMC Premiere Date and a Revealing Promo

At AMC’s WonderCon panel for the Walking Dead spinoff Dead City Saturday, a hella-tense trailer was dropped that confirmed what keeps frenemies Maggie and Negan in one another’s orbit. Apparently, some baddie or other has in his clutches our heroine and ill-fated husband Glenn’s little boy Hershel, “and you’re key to getting him back,” the widow tells the Saviors’ pseudo-redeemed former leader.

the walking dead dead city premiere date amc trailer photosPer the series’ official logline, “The Walking Dead: Dead City follows Maggie and Negan traveling into a post-apocalyptic Manhattan, long ago cut off from the mainland. The crumbling city is filled with the dead and denizens who have made New York City their own world full of anarchy, danger, beauty and terror.”

the walking dead dead city premiere date amc trailer photosThe spinoff was originally revealed back in March 2022 as Isle of the Dead. At that pivotal point, the since-wrapped mothership series had yet to play the final-season beat in which Negan appeared to be about to be made to pay for his many (many!) sins. “I guess we don’t need to die. Spoiler alert, folks. Sorry!” said Morgan on The Rich Eisen Show. “I’m still not sure why we announced that already. It was sort of a shocker to me.”

Dead City, which also stars Friday Night Lights and Grey’s Anatomy vet Gaius Charles, is set to premiere on Sunday, June 18, at 10/9c (with subsequent episodes airing at 9 ET).

To check out the video, click on the clip at the top of this post. Then hit the comments: Will you be following along as Negan and Maggie’s unlikely story continues?