Winchesters EP Talks Show's Uncertain Future, Promises 'Satisfying' Finale

The Winchesters Renewed or Cancelled

The fate of the universe hangs in the balance on The Winchesters, and so does the future of the CW series as its finale airs this Tuesday (at 8/7c).

Much like fellow freshman newbie/prequel spinoff Walker Independence, the Supernatural offshoot has yet to be renewed or cancelled amid the changes at the network, which began in August 2022, when local-TV giant Nexstar Media Group acquired majority ownership of The CW. Shortly after, network boss Mark Pedowitz — who was one of Supernatural‘s biggest champions — exited his post. The new Nexstar regime has indicated that just “a couple of shows” from the current season may be renewed for another year. (Only All American has thus far been picked up for the 2023-24 season.)

“I’ve spoken a lot with our partners at Warner Bros. because, obviously, we’re not sure what’s happening,” The Winchesters showrunner Robbie Thompson tells TVLine. “We’ve talked about places…that we may have to look to down the road [if the show is not renewed and needs a new home]. But the short-term answer is I don’t actually know and probably won’t for a little while. I can only say that, as uncertain as these times have been, our partners at The CW and and Warner [Bros.], in particular, have just been really awesome to work with.”

Thompson adds that instead of worrying about what might happen, his focus has been on this week’s season ender.

“We literally just finished this episode yesterday [on Sunday],” he says. “I’m just sort of basking in that, ‘Hey, we made it to the finish line,’ and whatever happens happens. I’m hopeful that we can tell more stories.”

In fact, Thompson has already partially penned the next chapter in John and Mary’s story.

“I actually wrote the opening of Season 2, just to kind of be like, ‘Do I know where this is going?'” he shares. “And then when we got our 13 [episodes] vs. the 22 [episodes], I looked at it as like, ‘OK, well, would this work now still?’ and it did. And so, I was encouraged that we were headed in the right direction, and that there was more story to tell, even though it would only potentially be a [13-episode first season], and that [the finale] could be satisfying without leaving people hanging, because that’s always the worst.”

The Winchesters fans, hit the comments with your hopes for the finale and a Season 2!

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