Kevin Costner's Attorney Slams 'Absolute Lie' as the Fate of Yellowstone Hangs in the Balance

The plot thickens. In the wake of Deadline alleging in an early February report that Yellowstone star Kevin Costner only wanted to work one week on the back half of Paramount Network drama’s fifth season, the actor’s rep is insisting that is not the case.

“The idea that Kevin was only willing to work one week on the second half of Season 5 of Yellowstone is an absolute lie,” the actor’s attorney, Marty Singer, tells Puck News. “It’s ridiculous — and anyone suggesting it shouldn’t be believed for one second. As everyone who knows anything about Kevin is well aware, he is incredibly passionate about the show and has always gone way above and beyond to ensure its success.”

The initial report by Deadline claimed that Costner’s shooting schedule has been a “source of frustration” for series creator Taylor Sheridan and has been “causing morale problems” with other members of the cast. The article further stated that Paramount Network had declined Costner’s alleged one-week-only work proposal and was instead considering moving to Paramount+ with a new iteration of Yellowstone, possibly with Matthew McConaughey as its lead.

kevin costner leaving Yellowstone Season 5Were anything of that sort to come to pass, OG Yellowstone could end this summer at the conclusion of Season 5. As it is, the series’ midseason finale left Costner’s John Dutton and daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) contemplating the murder of family black sheep Jamie (Wes Bentley) and vice versa. (Read the recap here.)

In response to the article, a Paramount Network rep said, “We have no news to report. Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone and we hope that’s the case for a long time to come. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Taylor Sheridan, we are always working on franchise expansions of this incredible world he has built. Matthew McConaughey is a phenomenal talent with whom we’d love to partner.”

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