Did Chicago Fire Rewrite History? Did Flash 'Dance Out' Big Death?! Sheldon Visited Friends Fountain? More TV Qs!

Chicago Fire Sylvie Brett

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including All American, Chicago Fire, The Flash and Young Sheldon!

1 | If you don’t play the Last of Us video games, when Ellie went to treat Sam’s bite — “My blood is medicine” — were you like, “Oh, is THAT how it works? Or, “That is NOT how it works!”? (And if you do play the video games, what’s your secret for defeating a Bloater?)

2 | How happy were you to see The Middle‘s Neil Flynn and Eden Sher playing father and daughter again on Lopez vs. Lopez? And after seeing Sher a second time in under a week, as How I Met Your Father‘s Deidre, is it about time someone gives her her own show?

3 | Fire CountryWhen Fire Country‘s Cara went to treat the bloody injured at the fair, were you yelling at your TV, “Take off your nice coat first!!!”? And after watching that episode, will you think twice before boarding a Round-Up again? Lastly, why was the camera so shaky during the pan-out at the end?

4 | Aren’t you sorta in awe of how much dog-themed wordplay the Puppy Bowl can work into a few hours of coverage?

5 | After that Super Bowl commercial, don’t you kind of want to see them remake Caddyshack now just so Brian Cox can bring more of his brilliance to the role of Judge Smails? Speakin of Super Bowl ads, U2’s timing with this visual was something, eh?

U2 Super Bowl Ad

6 | We get why All American felt it was best to kill off Billy, but didn’t the circumstances of his death feel a tad contrived? How could he have missed Jabari when there were, what, 12 people on that bus?

7 | As well as NCIS‘ Gary Cole may have played it, wasn’t Parker’s change in disposition upon seeing the “W” opioids rather abrupt and quite severe? Besides the one he offered Jimmy, didn’t he also owe Nick a major mea culpa?

8 | TVLine reader Svaranasi asks, “Anyone else think it’s funny to have Brandon Routh guest-star on Quantum Leap years after he killed Scott Bakula on Chuck?”

9 | Was this the first episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star without any actual 9-1-1 calls in it?

Night Court Copaganda Episode10 | Was Episode 6 a bit (or a lot) early for Night Court to go with an “issues” episode? And did anyone else recognize Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Nikolaj (Antonio Raul Corbo) as Justice Buddy Carlos?

11 | Would the otherwise very fine American Auto be 10-percent better without the cringey Wesley character?

12 | When someone in the La Brea clearing casually says they’re going to go to the tower to see James, just how long of a walk are they committing to? To get to a skyscraper so far away that it is nowhere on the horizon? And was it a bit disappointing that the “mystery person” coming through the new portal was just (an older, salt-and-pepper) Levi?

13 | Wasn’t it weird of Chicago Fire‘s Brett to say that it was love at first sight for her when she met Casey? Wasn’t he with Gabby back then? Doesn’t it feel like retconning?

14 | Was it a bit random/plot-servicey that The Flash had Iris vote in favor of saving Frost instead of Caitlin? And was this week’s episode too dark/somber coming off of the rollicking, rom-commy premiere? (Save, of course, for when everyone went dancing… hours after learning a longtime friend had died!)

15 | The ChallengeWhere does Olivia’s injury land among The Challenge‘s worst injuries ever? And were you happy with the season’s final results?

16 | On The Conners, what was the point of announcing that Ben was away for the week if they weren’t going to tell us why? It’s not like Jay R. Ferguson is in every episode.

17 | As several A Million Little Things viewers pointed out in the comments on this week’s recap: Why are Regina and Maggie pretty much the only members of that group who ever seem to work?

18 | Should SNL have announced Jenna Ortega’s hosting gig separately, so we all could have gone with “It’s gonna be Wednesday Night Live!” headlines? And are we to assume Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes said no to hosting SNL before the series recruited tight end Travis Kelce to host March 4?

19 | How perfectly elegant was Star Trek: Picard‘s remembrance of the late Annie Wersching, who played the Borg Queen in Season 2 (and previously played Liana on Star Trek: Enterprise)?

Picard Wersching Remembrance

Young Sheldon Friends Fountain20 | Are the parents of Young Sheldon’s Paige the least bit concerned that their 13-year-old college dropout is out getting loaded at frat parties? (We know she’s a child of divorce, but her parents were never shown to be neglectful.) And how long did it take you to recognize that Paige was vomiting into the Friends fountain?

21 | Walker/Supernatural fans, do you do a double take when Cordell calls his partner “Cas”?

22 | We get that Walker: Independence needed Kate involved in the scam, but asking the railroad exec to buy that the federal land owner he was meeting with was a woman? In the 1800s? Who was anachronistically named “Parker”?

CSI Vegas23 | What was more unsettling on CSI: Vegas: the body discovered at the end, or Allie’s reaction/the freeze-frame they left us with?

24 | Dancing With the Stars fans: On a scale of 1 to “I transformed into the heart-eyes emoji,” how delighted were you to discover that Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart — who were partnered during Season 31 — are now dating?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!