Power Book II: Ghost: Could Season 3 Be Monet's Last Stand? Watch Trailer

If a college student/budding drug kingpin walks like James St. Patrick, talks like James St. Patrick and dresses like James St. Patrick… anyone in his way better watch out. And because Tariq is becoming more reminiscent of his late father every day — right down to those designer suits, as we see in Power Book II: Ghost‘s full Season 3 trailer — um, Monet? Be careful.

The official peek at the new season, which Starz released Thursday, finds Michael Rainey Jr.’s character upgrading his wardrobe a bit, perhaps in order to court the finance bros we see in the preview. “You want to move product?” Tariq asks someone in the video above. “That’s exactly how we do it: Wall Street.”

Also of note: Monet, played by Mary J. Blige, is only getting bolder in the upcoming episodes. “I’m in charge now, so s–t’s about to look different,” she says at one point — could that be why Method Man’s Davis cautions, “She has to go, Tariq”?

The Power spinoff’s third season will premiere on Friday, March 17, 2023, at 9/8c. As previously announced, several new faces will join the cast in Season 3. Gbenga Akinnagbe (The Deuce) will play RSJ, a Howard University and Harvard Business school alum. Kyle Vincent Terry (For Life) will play Obi, a young man schooled in Britain who knows his way around a gun. And Caroline Chikezie (The Shannara Chronicles) will play Noma, a regal woman who has built her wealth with an illicit global empire.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the trailer, then hit the comments with your predictions for the new season!

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