Why'd Big Sky Deny Us Any Hook-Ups? Did Feds Trot Out Trope Too Soon? Is a Just Shoot Me Revival Next? More Qs!


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Last of Us, New Amsterdam, The Rookie: Feds and Night Court!

1 | If Peacock’s The Traitors returns for Season 2 (which seems, at this point, inevitable), which reality stars would you want to see move into Alan Cumming’s castle?

2 | Is Lopez vs. Lopez trying too hard to incorporate TikTok into nearly every episode? Speaking of which, has there ever been a more skippable main title sequence?

3 | We were glad to see The Last of Us‘ Joel and Sarah narrowly escape getting chased by The Infected, but why oh why did they never think to shut doors behind them as they ran away? And who else naively thought for a moment that the nice lady FEDRA officer was telling the truth to the kid who’d gotten bitten?

4 | Days of Our LivesSure, Xander’s behavior on Days of Our Lives has been beastly as of late, but does that mean Sarah needs to literally start dressing like Belle?

5 | On Bob Hearts Abishola, when, exactly, did Dele return to Lagos and learn how to drive? Come to think of it, has Abishola’s son gone back to Nigeria since he returned to Detroit in the middle of Season 3? Wasn’t he supposed to spend six months out of the year living with Tayo?

6 | On The Neighborhood, wouldn’t grill master Calvin have noticed that his smoker had been replaced? (Surely he would’ve been familiar with all the dings and dents on his old one, right?)

7 | NCISReally, NCIS prop master? “No-Tell Motel”? (But as always, big points for having the date sync up!)

8 | As much as we enjoyed NCIS: Hawai’i‘s Whistler relaying the latest Agent Afloat accomplishments, does that mean Lucy has not been texting any updates to Jesse herself…?

9 | Why did Alert‘s Nikki collect the college roommates’ phones as if she wasn’t going to eventually need their passcodes or Face ID to unlock them? Did Nikki and Mike actually have a quickie in the office closet before chasing a new lead on the missing girl? Also, did it never dawn on Nikki and Jason as the kidnapper’s car burned… and burned… and burned… that someone might be in the trunk, as was his known M.O.? How is it that Sidney was using a hammer, not screws, to install a door latch?

10 | Will Meryl Streep have a meaningful role in Only Murders in the Building Season 3, or will she just be “passing through” á la Sting and (LOL) Amy Schumer? And did you notice that Martin Short, Selena Gomez and Andrea Martin are all still dressed in their premiere night outfits in Gomez and Steve Martin’s behind-the-scenes captures?

11 | Do you think The Rookie will play Tim’s new desk job simply for comedy, or eventually use it to build some resentment/tension between him and Lucy?

12 | Can you believe The Rookie: Feds resorted to a “documentary crew” episode barely halfway through its first season?

13 | Night HouseIs there any reason why Night Court‘s Dan Fielding would agree to come back to work — as a public defender, no less! — besides the fact that the show needs him to? (He was never the sentimental type, was he?) And did anyone else recognize Scott Menville (aka Full House‘s Dwayne) in the cold open for Episode 2? (No? Whatever!)

14 | Following the well-watched, highly rated debut of Night Court, which NBC multi-cam will be revived next? 3rd Rock from the Sun? Caroline in the City? Just Shoot Me?

15 | New Amsterdam fans, when did you realize that the new medical director was a grown-up Luna? Is one of the smaller (of many) crimes stemming from Freema Agyeman not appearing in the series finale that we didn’t get to see how a young Helen decided to become a doctor?

Uncoupled Netflix Episode 116 | Given that the GLAAD Media Awards cast such a relatively wide net with its TV nominees, isn’t it odd that Netflix’s buzzy (albeit one and done) Uncoupled wasn’t among the 10 programs nominated in either the Best Comedy or Best New Series categories? And what about Ghosts, TV’s top-rated comedy that has been doing so much work on the Isaac/Nigel romance?

17 | Despite the fact that The Circle‘s James (who entered the game in Episode 6 of Season 3) can call himself a winner, doesn’t the game seem highly unfair to those who enter later in the season? Did the right person win Season 5? And if The Circle decides to do an All Stars season, who from Season 5 would you like to see return?

18 | Did Leverage: Redemption let you down a bit with the introduction of Parker’s “nemesis” and their middling “chase” toward the end of the heist?

19 | If The Conners had, in fact, lost all their old family photos and home movies featuring Roseanne, wouldn’t Dan have had a bigger reaction? And did you pick up on the episode’s reframing of all those main title sequences circling the kitchen table as home movies?

20 | Big Sky viewers: Are you as shocked as we are that Beau didn’t hook up with either Cassie or Jenny by the end of Jensen Ackles’ first full season? (Though yes, that last scene did seem to cement the sheriff’s feelings for Ms. Hoyt.)

Walker Independence Shane21 | Did men such as Walker Independence‘s Shane wax their chests in the 1800s…? Were candles involved? And if so, what did one cry out back then instead of “Kelly Clarkson!!!”? “Florence Foster Jenkins!!!”?

22 | What was more unsettling on Criminal Minds: Evolution — the situation with the abducted girls, or Elias fantasizing about executing his entire family?

23 | Arrow…. The FlashThis Is Us…. And now New Amsterdam. Are we never going to get a version of the 2040s with flying cars?!

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!