Did Grey's Mer Owe Nick a Heads-Up? Who Dies in White Lotus? Does P.D. Cop Merit Undercover Emmy? More TV Qs

Grey's Anatomy

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The White Lotus, Grey’s Anatomy, Blockbuster and Manifest!

Black Adam harcourt Holland1 | Did Peacemaker‘s Harcourt seem to get a job/wardrobe upgrade for her return to the big screen in Black Adam?

2 | That newsstand owner from Blue Bloods…. He’s totally gonna sell the family watch he just learned is worth $175,000, right?

3 | We didn’t expect SNL to stick Tom Hanks’ David S. Pumpkins in an entirely new situation, but couldn’t the writers have done something (anything!) to tweak the format of the original sketch? And though this couldn’t possibly have been the case, didn’t it seem like Michael Che was seeing the Weekend Update jokes for the first time during the live broadcast?

4 | Why did SEAL Team‘s Lisa leave Sonny to think she would never look into the Mali cover-up, instead of “just not right now”? And wasn’t it convenient of the ISIS lady to speak in the “vile” American tongue for Jason and Omar?

NCIS: Los Angeles5 | In addition to being rather illegible, isn’t NCIS: Los Angeles‘ new opening credits font a bit too NCIS: Los Angeles: 2525?

6 | After seeing The Simpsons‘ surprisingly superb take on Death Note in this year’s “Treehouse of Horror,” is it too much to hope for more anime-inspired episodes?

7 | How many Walking Dead viewers caught Yvette Nicole Brown’s surprise “appearance” as the chatty Commonwealth trooper who walkie-talkie’d key intel to Rosita?

8 | In The Rookie‘s Halloween episode, how random was Jake Tapper and his son trick-or-treating at Nolan’s home? (Apparently, not very!) And was (unannounced guest star) Bridget Regan’s cutthroat legal eagle even more vicious than her Batwoman supervillain, Poison Ivy?

The Rookie Halloween9 | Is it getting almost too predictable that ABC characters will dress as Marvel or Star Wars characters in Halloween episodes?

10 | The White Lotus fans: 🅐 Did you recognize Laura Dern’s voice as Dom’s ex-wife on the phone screaming at him to leave her alone? 🅑 Which characters do you think will wind up dead and floating in the ocean by season’s end? 🅒 Realistically, isn’t there plenty of local sightseeing and any number of restaurants that could keep Tonya’s assistant out of sight each day? 🅓 And is it way, way too obvious that Theo James’ douchey Cameron will teach Aubrey Plaza’s Harper to “loosen up” via a torrid hook-up, that it will actually happen?

11 | Be honest, Dancing With the Stars fans: Are you starting to fear a Bobby Bones situation with Vinny Guadagnino?

12 | Who else was legit freaked out during Quantum Leap‘s spooky Halloween episode?

The Good Doctor13 | Why did The Good Doctor‘s Shaun seem unaware that it was Halloween when he entered the examination room and saw Asher costumed as Baby Yoda? Did he not see Lea before he left the house, who came to work dressed as Ahsoka?

14 | In what universe does La Brea think aloe vera is going to help heal whatever’s wrong with Lucas? (And in case you missed ’em, we had many more Qs!)

15 | Will Andor explain what the prisoners have been assembling? An “a-ha” moment like, “Oh, it’s that part of the Death Star”? And given that Mon’s cousin is nowhere to be seen among the rebels in the Star Wars movies, should that character maybe not buy any green bananas?

16 | The minute Handmaid’s Tale‘s mission commander talked about wanting to come home safe to his own young daughter, did you know that Hannah’s rescue was doomed?

Stargirl17 | Is DC’s Stargirl the first show to subtitle English that was spoken with a mouth full of waffle?

18 | Should the Chicago Med hospital higher-ups be concerned about the doctor attrition rate at Gaffney?

19 | Can we take a moment to salute Chicago P.D.‘s Torres for his Emmy-worthy performance while undercover in this week’s episode?

20 | Isn’t it a bummer that almost every single advantage in Survivor these days quickly becomes public knowledge? And since Dwight was holding on to Jeanine’s idol, does his elimination mean she’s now SOL?

21 | Isn’t it refreshing, Challenge fans, to finally have a season where the incoming rookies don’t suck in every single possible way? And while we’re happy to see Scuba Nelly T earn his first daily win, shouldn’t he and Nurys have thrown the mission since they’re pretty well protected strategically?

22 | Do you really believe that the Good Chucky is actually good, or is he just another one of Charles Lee Ray’s deadly ploys?

23 | Does Colt Cabana’s return on AEW: Dynamite spell bad news for CM Punk’s potential comeback?

The Late Late Show24 | What about Blockbuster is harder to believe: That Randall Park (48), Melissa Fumero (40) and J.B. Smoove (56) are all supposed to be playing characters who are roughly the same age, or that the last-standing Blockbuster would have six employees working the same shift? And had anyone at The Late Late Show bothered to watch Blockbuster before prepping interview questions for Fumero, surely Corden would have had a bit of fun/asked her about the scene where one of the characters singles him out as “a bully and a menace,” right?

25 | As fun as Marissa’s sudden, spontaneous wedding to Zev was in this week’s penultimate Good Fight, is it a bummer that we were cheated out of seeing Eli Gold’s daughter navigate a more significant romantic relationship before the series ended?

26 | If Walker‘s Auggie doesn’t immediately tell his dad that he was the one who actually threw the party, not Stella (whom Cordell left in the holding cell!), then is Auggie the worst?

The Cutting Edge 27 | We know Ghosts‘ Trevor was threatening to play The Cutting Edge on repeat unless his friends bought back their TV time (at a markup), but doesn’t the idea of watching that movie on a loop sound like a dream? And how much hoarser is Thor’s voice going to get if he keeps yelling across the yard to his son?

28 | Which show’s abortion story this week was more effective: New Amsterdam or Grey’s Anatomy?

29 | Would an understaffed clinic like the one Grey’s Anatomy‘s Bailey and Addison visited really send not one but two much-needed volunteer doctors to pick up a patient in another state? And we know that Zola is absolutely Meredith’s priority, but wouldn’t it have been at least polite if she’d mentioned to Nick that she was thinking of moving to Boston before agreeing to do so? (And what about her other two kids’ needs?)

30 | In the Manifest Season 4 premiere, how was Vance suddenly in Cal’s ear as Mick’s nephew skulked around the dock? Speaking of which, if Michaela is gonna furtively play Non-Resigned Cop, maybe she could try a bit harder to conceal her identity/blonde mane? Lastly, how great is it to see a more lighthearted Jared in Season 4? (Who do we call about getting J.R. Ramirez in a rom-com, stat?)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!