Andor Recap: Death Rattles Narkina 5 — Plus, Vel's Family Ties Are Revealed

Andor Recap 1x09

This week on Disney+’s Andor, a harrowing rumor spread access Narkina 5, while Dedra put the screws to Bix and Vel’s family ties were revealed.

Across the board, the tension got ratcheted up high in Episode 9, starting with Dedra’s interrogating of Bix with a level of brutality that would make Grand Moff Tarkin blanche. The Ferrix scrap yard owner put up the good fight, refusing to confirm or divulge anything about her arrangement with Salman Paak and his hidden radio. Alas, Paak had already sold out Bix, so Dedra, sensing blood in the water, called on Dr. Gorst to employ his enhanced interrogation technique, which involves modified recordings of some alien species, namely their young, being massacred. Exposed to the gut-wrenching sounds, Bix we later learned fessed up to trafficking in a number of pieces of stolen Imperial hardware, but the precise identity of “Axis” (aka Luthen) appears to still be a secret,

Andor Recap 1x09Later, the seemingly unflappable Dedra was a bit unnerved/irked to see Syril laying in wait (or, stalking her) outside the ISB, to again argue they share the same mission, and that Cassian Andor is a key to unlocking what is unfolding. Dedra later briefed the ISB on her Ferrix interrogations, including the fact that Cassian was sans beard when last seen, matching him up better with one of the Aldhani raid participants.

Speaking of Aldhani raid participants…. Mon Mothma got word that her cousin had shown up at the embassy, a bit unexpected, and when Mon gets home we realize that said kin is none other than Vel! (Those of you who speculated that Vel is Luthen’s daughter, close but no cigarra.) After Aunt Vel gifts that brat Leida with a snazzy dress, Vel and Mon share a few furtive exchanges about their respective roles in the growing rebellion, though it seems like Mon is more aware of Vel’s commitment than vice versa?

Andor Mon VelThe reunion closes with Mon strongly advising Vel to resume her “spoiled rich girl” persona and lay low, to throw the Empire off her scent. Mon then steals a meeting with (old boyfriend!) Tay, who has, without her authorization, recruited a scalawag of sorts named Davo Sculdun to obscure the paper trail of her significant, moved monies.

Meanwhile on Narkina 5, “Keef” and his table seemed to be on an upswing, and in the running for best output, just as Ulaf (Andor‘s version of Squid Game’s Old Man) began petering out, and with barely 40 days left on his ticket. Amid managing Ulaf’s health, Keef & Co. gleaned from the hand-signaled messages with the other floors that something very, very bad has happened on Level Two — but foreman Kino urges everyone to save their own hides by ignoring the “rumor.” Later, when Ulaf collapses and Kino summons for a medic, the healer A ) ends Ulaf’s msiery, making clear that no one is “going home” when their counter hits zero, especially in these times, and B ) confides in Kino and Keef that all of the Level Two prisoners got summarily fried, after making trouble. Scared straight by this news, Kino finally tells Keef what he has been repeatedly wanting to know — that there are 12 guards on each floor….

What did you think of the episode “Nobody’s Listening!”? And do you think a prison break attempt is imminent? (Followed by a meaty time jump, with just three episodes left?)

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