Chicago Med Reunion Ahead? Did TWD Vic Deserve Gorier Death? Did She-Hulk Disney+ Menu Fool You? And More Qs!

Chicago Med DaCosta Tee

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Midnight Club, The Walking Dead, NCIS, The Winchesters and Andor!

1 | In The Midnight Club, is there any connection between Regina (Athena’s mom) calling Julia “bright girl,” and the grown up Julia calling Ilonka the same thing? Does Ilonka actually possess some untapped magic or knowledge inside her, or are all of the cult’s beliefs and teachings a bunch of hogwash? And considering that wild finale reveal, any educated guesses as to what Dr. Stanton’s role in all of this is?

Fire Country2 | Any other Fire Country viewers having trouble buying Lucifer‘s Kevin Alejandro as the father of a grown woman?

3 | Can we agree that the Bangkok river that S.W.A.T.‘s Hondo and his pal leaped into/floated down to escape the bad guys was in fact by no means deep enough for them to actually do that?

4 | So, is SEAL Team‘s Clay not supposed to ever take off his leg when the baby is possibly sleeping…?

5 | Do you kinda wish a House of the Dragon character would pointedly refer to a calendar at the top of each episode, so we can all know exactly how many years have passed since last week? And couldn’t the show have shown us Corlys and his grievous injury — which was the reason for all of the action in the most recent episode — rather than just… telling us about it?

6 | Rick and Morty fans, how quickly did you recognize Lisa Kudrow as the voice of Tyrannosaurus Rex God?

The Walking Dead7 | As loathsome as The Walking Dead‘s Sebastian was, did you want an even gorier demise for him than the one that he got?

8 | When Chesapeake Shores‘ Mandrake said Evan sometimes goes into periods of hibernation, was he suggesting that Evan suffers from depression?

9 | How much of Bob Hearts Abishola‘s Season 4 budget do you think was spent on licensing Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” for Christina’s workplace dream sequence?

10 | You don’t think…. Nahhh. Then again, maybe…? OK, we will ask: You don’t think this week’s NCIS was setting up a National Parks Services-based ISB spinoff, do you? Also, Brian Dietzen has been mum so far on socials; do you think that was his six-pack we saw?

11 | On The Good Doctor, 🅐 did consciously uncoupled Park and Morgan really think it was appropriate to bicker in front of the new interns? 🅑 Did everyone obsessing over Perez’s good looks start feeling icky after about 10 seconds? 🅒 And would a pair of nurses have been allowed to disassemble an expensive operating table on Lim’s behalf? (Wouldn’t there be someone who works in maintenance who handles such things?)

12 | Who at HBO, TBS and/or Major League Baseball thought the clunky House of the Dragon plug — in which Bob Costas & Co. acted as though a dragon was actually flying over the Yankees/Guardians playoff game — was a good idea?

13 | How much of a kick did you get out of The Winchesters‘ Mary calling John “Soldier Boy,” given that his TV son Jensen Ackles played Soldier Boy on The Boys? And is Carlos already your favorite member of the new Scooby gang?

14 | How did La Brea‘s Eve and Levi not foresee having their escape thwarted by the Exiles we all knew to be standing guard along the ridge? How is Sam’s coif so perfectly styled after all this time? And are they really pairing the largely unlikable Veronica with somewhat likable Lucas?

15 | How much faith does Andor‘s Cinta have in the rest of the crew that her role was to stay behind on Aldhani while they jetted off with the 80 million credits?

Home Economics16 | In a world of bad TV wigs, wasn’t Jimmy Tatro’s Home Economics flashback hair pretty fantastic? And how handy were all those wedding reception bar scenes at covering Caitlin McGee’s real-life pregnancy?

17 | Chicago Med fans, given the news of Brian Tee’s departure and that Yaya DaCosta is coming back for a couple more episodes, are you predicting that Ethan and April will ride off into the sunset together?

18 | Was this week’s Chicago Fire the first time Severide and Violet have talked to each other? And wasn’t it nice to hear Severide talk about Anna?

19 | How insane was Stargirl‘s Rick to clean and press ~400 lbs. straight over his head, not knowing when his “Hourman” strength might suddenly shut off?

The Conners Caleb Chalamet Galecki20 | Does The Conners‘ Caleb remind you more of Timothée Chalamet or a young Johnny Galecki?

21 | Was there anything more satisfying on TV this week than watching Chucky‘s Jennifer Tilly recite lines from Liar Liar as her character Tiffany Valentine, who’s posing as the actress Jennifer Tilly?

22 | Considering no time passed between Seasons 4 and 5 of Tyler Perry’s Sistas, when the heck is its BET+ spinoff Zatima supposed to take place?

The Good Fight23 | How many Good Fight fans fell for that “OMG, is Carmen sleeping with Marissa?!” bait-and-switch in this week’s cold open?

24 | Did the She-Hulk finale have you thinking you had accidentally exited back to the Disney+ menu screen? Since GLK&H hired Jen because she is a Hulk, can’t she sue them for firing her for the same attribute? And do you think the CGI for the new character of [Spoiler] was especially soft because, as K.E.V.I.N. said, Marvel’s VFX people had moved on, or to make it generic enough to recast that actor if needed?

Walker Colin Ford25 | Walker/Supernatural fans, how delighted were you to see Colin Ford once again playing a young Jared Padalecki? And how naïve was Stella to think that someone who calls a tip line demanding a reward before giving up info would actually live up to their side of the bargain? And Auggie as her backup? Come on!

26 | On Walker Independence, shouldn’t it be painfully obvious to everyone that aimless newcomer Abby is the murdered sheriff’s widow?

27 | Which was more shocking, Station 19 fans — that Maya was vindictive enough to give recovering alcoholic Beckett booze, or how much you’re kinda digging her as a messed-up villain?

Grey's Anatomy Nolan Gould28 | Does anyone believe that that Grey’s Anatomy patient would’ve stuck his wife’s cell phone up his ass to keep her off of it, rather than just, say, hide it/bury it/anything else? We know that Teddy is (understandably) furious with Owen, but in what world would her behavior in front of residents and patients have been acceptable? How long did it take you to realize that the future amputee was Modern Family‘s Nolan “Luke” Gould? (And why didn’t Gould hold out for a character that wasn’t unconscious through most of his guest appearance?)

29 | How much fun did Atlanta‘s producers have coming up with the absolute worst beat in recorded history for hopeless aspiring rapper Doug?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!