House of the Dragon's Larys Is One to Watch, and We've Got Ep 6 Questions

The next time I need an unpleasant or unwieldy task done, I’m going to vent about it in Larys Strong’s general direction.

Did you see how quickly House of the Dragon‘s court lurker made. things. happen. in Sunday’s episode? And all Queen Alicent had to do was complain to him about his father’s refusal to accuse Rhaenyra of infidelity with his brother, Ser Harwin “Breakbones” Strong! That’s efficiency. It’s also psychotic.

Within days, Larys had propositioned a group of inmates sentenced to death, convinced a few of them to have their tongues removed, gotten them all kitted up with bad-guy hoods and snazzy bee brooches, and pulled off an arson plan that looked like an accident. And oh, would you look at that, the fire just happened to kill Larys’ dad and brother, leaving the Hand of the King position wide open! (Read a full recap of Episode 6 here and Matthew Needham’s thoughts about it here.)

So Larys is a kind of Game of Thrones‘ Lord Varys crossed with that show’s Littlefinger? I suppose that’s someone good — or, at least, useful — to have on your side, Alicent… as far as characters like that are on anyone’s side but their own. But oof, what a dangerous, loose-cannon player, eh?

A few more thoughts on the episode:

* Speaking of Larys, how does he not look much different after the 10-year time jump? Plotting keeps you young?

* Ditto for Ser Criston.

* Maybe the king absorbed all of their oldness? I kid, but man, he looked like he was one foot in the grave for most of the hour, no?

* Back to Criston: Anyone else chilled by how viciously he speaks of Rhaenyra now, and how starkly his hatred of her — based on her spurning him years before — contrasts with the sweet way he was with her earlier in the season?

* First Rhea Royce, now Laena Velaryon: Again this show has given us scant time with a seemingly kickass woman, who is now dead. At least Daemon’s dragonrider wife had a little more say in how she shuffled off this mortal coil.

What thoughts/questions/predictions do you have after this week’s House of the Dragon?

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