Evil Cast, EPs Tee Up Season 3, Which Explores David/Kristen Intimacy and 'When Things Go Too Far'

When Evil returns on Sunday, Kristen and David are going to have one hell of a time figuring out what they are to each other in the aftermath of that Season 2 finale kiss.

And don’t think that the Paramount+ supernatural drama is going to draw things out for long, either. “We are going to see what happens right after” that pivotal moment in David’s bedroom, Katja Herbers explains at the top of our Season 3 preview video above.

“Right away,” adds Mike Colter, “we’re in a very delicate situation. We try to do the best we can to navigate that and still be professional colleagues moving forward.”

Which is great and all, but as series co-creators/showrunners Robert and Michelle King note, this was no casual, drunken smooch at the office holiday party. Robert King points out that both the newly ordained priest and the tormented psychologist felt something shift during Kristen’s intimate confession, which was followed by the friends/co-workers’ first kiss. “That’s probably the most honest they’ve ever been with each other, was in that moment,” he says, while Michelle King adds that Season 3 is “exploring that intimacy, and what happens when things go too far and it sours.”

While David and Kristen sort out their interpersonal complications, agent of evil Leland is “looking for new avenues to get up close and personal with his adversaries,” Michael Emerson previews, while Aasif Mandvi describes Ben as being “at sea” at the start of the season. After all, “If Ben can’t explain it when eyeballs are coming out of the toilet,” you know we’re in a weird(er) place.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the Evil gang tee up Season 3, make sure to check out our deep dive on the Season 2 finale with Herbers and director Alethea Jones here, then hit the comments with your predictions for what’s ahead!

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