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This Is Us Show Boss Addresses Two Plot Threads the Series Never Resolved

Now that This Is Us is over, we couldn’t help but ask series creator Dan Fogelman: Whatever happened to Dr. Mason?

Fans of the NBC series will recall that the Season 4 finale introduced the character, played by Josh Hamilton, as Madison’s obstetrician when she realized she was pregnant with Kevin’s twins. In a call with reporters after that episode, Fogelman said the doctor would become “an important character” in Season 5 as parenthood approached for Kevin and Madison.

The executive producer added: “It’s no coincidence he was introduced in the same episode that Dr. K returned.”

Alas, we’ll never know whether This Is Us‘ Dr. Mason offered the kind of homespun wisdom for which Dr. K was famous; after the COVID-19 pandemic altered production in 2020 and beyond, Hamilton never appeared on the show again.

But the character served his major purpose, Fogelman told reporters in a conference call Tuesday. “The intent of that episode had been that [Mason’s young daughter, Sadie] and Mason, the advice they gave to Madison that led her to go have an honest conversation with Justin [Hartley]’s character, Kevin, and led to them co-raising and co-parenting twins and changing his life,” he said.

“We’d also thought, pre-pandemic, that doctor could become a really important character for them potentially, a la Dr. K. But having to have people in masks in the doctor’s office always became really fraught and complicated and logistically challenging. But that wasn’t a big part of the plan,” Fogelman added. “The completion of that journey was really meant to mainly happen in that episode.”

Onto our next unresolved plot thread: Kate and Toby’s dog, Audio, who was introduced in Season 2 but hasn’t been seen for quite some time. “Audio the dog is there!” Fogelman said, laughing. “Nothing’s happened to him.”

The show boss explained: “We were dealing with 15,000 screaming babies the final season. Audio is resting comfortably. I believe Kate and Toby, post-divorce, shared custody, and he lived happily ever after — a long, happy life.”

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