Fox Has Just One Regret About Giuliani Appearing on The Masked Singer...

Fox has but one regret about Rudy Giuliani’s thoroughly divisive appearance on The Masked Singer in April.

As reports spoiled months prior to the episode’s actual airdate, the unmasking of the former New York City mayor and advisor to President Donald Trump elicited a mixed reaction from the judging panel, with Ken Jeong watching, stonefaced, as host Nick Cannon interviewed Giuliani. Robin Thicke, meanwhile, said afterward, “That was something I never would have guessed, OK?”

Jeong stood, arms folded, during Giuliani’s interview with Cannon and then walked off the set as the former associate attorney general sang/”sang” a reprise of “Bad to the Bone.” (If Thicke also exited the stage, as had been previously reported, his departure was not caught on-camera and/or included in the edit.)

During a Monday-morning Upfronts call with reporters, Rob Wade, President of Alternative Entertainment & Specials for Fox, contended, “The Masked Singer is all about celebrities and jaw-dropping moments, which is exactly what the casting accomplished — whether it was on-set or with the viewers at home.”

Pressed for any second thoughts about the casting decision given the resulting hullabaloo, Wade said, “I suppose my only regret, or surprise, was obviously that the reveal was spoiled.”

Whatever the case, The Masked Singer‘s deal with the devil paid no dividends, as the series slipped to all-time lows that night with an audience of 3.8 million total viewers and a 0.6 demo rating.

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