The Resident Sneak Peek: Cade's Goodbye Takes a Shocking, Tragic Turn

From here on out, any and all love interests for The Resident‘s Conrad Hawkins need to be very careful behind the wheel.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode of the Fox drama (8/7c), in which Kaley Ronayne’s Cade is gunned down while making her permanent exit from Chastain. Having tied up the loose ends on this season’s ongoing Medicare fraud plot, Cade plans to put Atlanta in her past for good… but, as evidenced by the clip above, her drive out of the city is interrupted when a man in a ski mask leans out of an approaching vehicle and shoots Cade’s car multiple times.

Conrad, who just said a bittersweet, I-want-to-kiss-you-but-I’m-not-going-to goodbye to Cade — and, of course, already dealt with a traumatic car accident when wife Nic died years ago — rushes over to help Cade, who’s badly injured and fading fast.

Tuesday’s hour will also introduce Andrew McCarthy as pediatric surgeon (and Cade’s father) Dr. Ian Sullivan. Described as a “brilliant” doctor “with endless charm that masks a hidden streak of narcissism,” the character will recur in the final three episodes of this season.

Elsewhere in “Risk,” Devon and AJ work with a patient who learns he is unable to receive a lung transplant due to his vaccination status, while Devon and Leela try to navigate their new dynamic after calling it quits in last week’s episode.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek above, then drop a comment with your thoughts!

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