Resident Recap: Two Romances Reach Major Turning Points as Finale Nears

The Resident Season 5 Kit Bell

The following post contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of The Resident.

First comes love, then comes marriage for a certain couple on The Resident. For another, though, things have abruptly ended, well before baby in a baby carriage.

Let’s start with the happy news from Tuesday’s eventful outing, and feel free to raise an imaginary champagne flute, because Kit and Bell are engaged! As we teased yesterday in Matt Mitovich’s Inside Line column, the topic of marriage initially came up under pretty depressing circumstances: Kit and Bell had just attended the burial service for AJ’s late mother, prompting Bell to revisit the terms of his will when they got home.

“I just need a trust that benefits you and Jake and Sammie,” Bell insisted to Kit, nonchalantly adding that the logistics could be complicated since “Georgia doesn’t recognize common law marriage.” Kit casually suggested that they get formally married, then — an idea that Bell seemed to like very much — and they spent the rest of the episode good-naturedly compromising on hypothetical wedding plans.

But the engagement wasn’t made official-official until the episode’s final scene, when the pair went out to dinner that evening. After they agreed on keeping the wedding guest list short, Kit got down on one knee — as she and Bell joked she would do earlier in the hour — and asked, “Randolph Bell, will you marry me?” Bell then joined her on bended knee and presented a tiny box with a lovely ring inside. “Thank God,” he replied. “Because I can’t return this.” They kissed! The other restaurant-goers clapped! It was perfection!

The same can’t be said, though, for the fate of Devon and Leela’s relationship, which ended in this episode after they reached an impasse about having children.

In order to avoid talking to Devon about the increasingly awkward sperm-donation-for-Padma topic, Leela threw herself into her work during the hour; she ultimately became so overextended and sleep-deprived that she nodded off (!) during a complex surgery and caused significant bleeding, prompting Kit to send Leela home. That night, an already-frustrated Leela confronted Devon about blabbing to Padma that he’d been interested in donating his sperm to her. (Padma was actually totally on board with the idea, which only made things worse.)

Eventually, Leela flat-out admitted what she’d been circling a few episodes ago: “I don’t want kids. Not now, not in a few years, maybe never, OK?” And when Devon refused to apologize for wanting a family of his own one day, Leela countered that she won’t apologize for wanting something different.

“So, what are you saying, then? This is it? This is the end?” Leela asked. “Yeah. I guess I am,” Devon replied, and he left.

What did you think of Tuesday’s Resident? Happy for Kit and Bell? Crushed for Devon and Leela? Sound off below!

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