NCIS' Kate and Tony, Reunited? Sorta! Sasha Alexander Shares Bull Set Photo

NCIS Kate Tony Reunion

Any NCIS faithful cruising Sasha Alexander’s Instagram got a blast from the long-running drama’s past, when she shared a photo of her with former co-star Michael Weatherly, on the set of CBS’ Bull.

“Reunited and it feels sooo goood,” Alexander, who back in the day played Caitlin “Kate” Todd to Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo, wrote as a caption (see below).

Her Instagram Stories shed light on the nature of the reunion — she was there to direct the 20th episode of Bull‘s farewell run.

In NCIS‘ very early days, Alexander’s former Secret Service agent was DiNozzo’s OG partner in zingy office banter, thought she arguably called out his frat boy antics more than her oneday successor, Ziva David, ever would. The dynamic between Tony and “Kate” was one of the series’ early hallmarks, and that made the circumstances of her death in the Season 2 finale — felled out of nowhere by a sniper’s bullet fired by Ari “Ziva’s half-brother” Haswari, just as she was responding to a rare compliment of Tony’s — all the more painful.

Where does Kate Todd’s departure rank on our list of NCIS‘ Biggest Exits Ever? See for yourself.

NCIS was a choice of mine, to go on,” Alexander explained to TVLine in 2016. In the course of celebrating her never-boring, seven-season run as the latter half of Rizzoli & Isles, she noted, “That’s a danger on any series, that you sort of hit a wall where you feel like you’re ‘making sausage’ every week, which is a quote from my old NCIS costar, Michael Weatherly. He’d be like, ‘It’s TV, we make sausage every week. And you don’t change the flavors too much.’ But I was like, ‘I don’t want to do that!’ [Laughs] I want to make characters that are always growing, always pushing the envelope.”

Since leaving NCIS, Alexander starred on RizzIsles, enjoyed a run on Shameless and popped up in episodes of SVU, FBI and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Bull marks her third directing gig, having previously helmed episodes of Rizzoli & Isles and YOU.

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