Euphoria Meets Succession as Brian Cox Reenacts Cassie's Bathroom Meltdown

It’s the HBO crossover you never knew you wanted.

During an appearance on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Succession star Brian Cox — perhaps the last person you’d expect to see in a Euphoria episode — got to put his own spin on Cassie’s memorable bathroom monologue from the third installment of Euphoria‘s recent sophomore season.

In the clip embedded above, Cox is superimposed right into the Euphoria scene, dressed like he’s auditioning for the school play, Oklahoma. And when Barbie Ferreira’s Kat prompts, “Are you OK, Cass?” Cox gives Cassie’s subsequent monologue his all, right down to the impassioned confession that “I’m in love with Nate Jacobs, and he’s in love with me!”

As Euphoria fans will remember, Cassie’s eruption was ultimately all in her head, and her actual response to Kat’s question was a silent stare into the restroom mirror. Here, Cox goes in a different direction with the scene’s ending, and we feel like Succession‘s Logan Roy would appreciate the choice.

Euphoria‘s second season wrapped on Feb. 27, culminating in tragedy for several characters (read our full recap here). The Season 2 finale amassed 6.6 million total viewers across all platforms including HBO Max, marking a new series high. HBO has also renewed the teen drama for Season 3.

Watch Cox’s take on Euphoria above, then drop a comment with your reactions!