How I Met Your Father Video: Watch Leighton Meester's First Official Scene — Why Is Jesse's Ex Back in Town?

Spotted: Gossip Girl vet Leighton Meester making her formal How I Met Your Father debut.

TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode, which marks Meester’s official introduction as Meredith. Before now, viewers had only caught a few brief glimpses of Jesse’s ex-girlfriend/bandmate in the infamous #ProposalFail video. Shortly after the rejection, Mer packed her bags and left for Europe, where she was said to be recording her first album as a solo artist.

As of Episode 8, Meredith is back in New York and determined to speak with Jesse. Naturally, Sid is salty about the way Mer left things with his best friend, but in her defense, “there’s no instruction manual for being blindsided by a public proposal,” she says. She acknowledges that she could have handled things better, but the past is the past and she needs to talk to Jesse. The why of it all, however, remains a mystery.

Meester, best known for her breakout role as Blair Waldorf on the OG Gossip Girl, most recently starred opposite Taran Killam in the ABC comedy Single Parents, which ran for two seasons and ended in 2020. (Fun fact: Killam, who recurred on predecessor How I Met Your Mother as Gary Blauman, is married to Cobie Smulders — aka Robin Scherbatsky.)

Like her HIMYF character, Meester is a professional musician. In addition to standalone singles “Somebody to Love” (2009) and “Your Love’s a Drug” (2010), she released a full-length album, entitled Heartstrings, in 2014.

How I Met Your Father, which wraps its 10-episode freshman run on Tuesday, March 15, was recently renewed for a supersized Season 2.

Watch Meester’s HIMYF introduction above, then hit the comments with your guesses as to why she’s suddenly back in town.