And Just Like That Writers Explain Why We Didn't See John Corbett as Aidan

And Just Like That Aidan John Corbett

HBO Max’s revival And Just Like That… saw the return of plenty of familiar faces from Sex and the City… but one was conspicuously missing.

With the season now officially in the books — read our post mortem of Thursday’s finale here — we realized that we never saw John Corbett reprise his role as Carrie’s former fiancé Aidan Shaw. Corbett himself said last April that he’d be appearing in And Just Like That, and in multiple episodes, no less. So what’s the explanation for Aidan’s absence?

And Just Like That writer Julie Rottenberg (a Sex and the City alum herself) tells TVLine that an Aidan return was actually “never in the works. That was one of these stories that came out, and HBO never confirmed it. I think their policy was they couldn’t keep confirming or denying every random theory that was thrown out. But no, that was never in the plan.”

She adds that it’s nothing personal: “We love John, and we love Aidan. It just wasn’t in the script.”

Corbett played furniture designer Aidan Shaw on the original Sex and the City, starting in Season 3. Aidan and Carrie dated for a while and got serious before Carrie cheated on him with her ex Mr. Big. They got back together in Season 4 and got engaged, but they called it off when Carrie got cold feet. Aidan reappeared in Sex and the City‘s final season, revealing that he got married to someone else and had a son. But he and Carrie reconnected in the 2010 movie Sex and the City 2, sharing a kiss before going their separate ways once again.

And Just Like That saw Carrie’s husband Big die of a sudden heart attack, forcing Carrie to face life without him and eventually reenter the dating pool. She went out on a few dates with a teacher named Peter before sharing a passionate kiss with her podcast producer Franklyn in the finale. But now that she’s single, maybe Aidan might want to throw his hat back in the ring?

Are you disappointed that Aidan never came back? Share your thoughts on that, and all things And Just Like That, in the comments.

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