How I Met Your Father Premiere Pays Tribute to HIMYM Narrator Bob Saget

Bob Saget 'How I Met Your Father' Tribute

Tuesday’s How I Met Your Father premiere tips its hat to Kim Cattrall’s predecessor.

The first episode of the How I Met Your Mother sequel series concludes with a title card in honor of the late Bob Saget, who died on Jan. 9 at the age of 65.

Saget for HIMYM‘s entire nine-season run provided the voice of Future Ted Mosby, who famously framed the CBS sitcom by telling his kids, from off-camera, about how he wanted to get back together with Aunt Robin how he met their late mother, Tracey. Josh Radnor, who starred as present-day Ted, previously paid tribute to Saget, referring to the comedian as “the kindest, loveliest, funniest, most supportive man. The easiest person to be around. A mensch among mensches.

Bob Saget 'How I Met Your Father' Tribute“There are people who leave the earth and you’re haunted by all the things you didn’t tell them, all the love that was unexpressed,” Radnor’s statement continued. “Luckily that wasn’t the case with Bob. We adored each other and we told each other. I’m endlessly grateful that HIMYM brought Bob Saget into my life. I’ll hear his voice in my head for the rest of my days.”

Whereas Saget served as an omniscient narrator on HIMYM, the spinoff places Cattrall front and center as the older version of Hilary Duff’s Sophie. The series premiere not only reveals how the two series are connected, but provides a new framework for the central mystery surrounding Dad.

Scroll down to see additional tributes from the HIMYM cast and EPs, then let us know if you were pleased to see HIMYF pay its respects to Saget.