Inside Line: Scoop on #OneChicago, FBI, Lone Star, SEAL Team, The Boys, New Amsterdam, Superman and More

Chicago Fire Spoilers

Which Chicago Fire-man has a difficult past? What’s on the horizon for 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s “Tarlos? Will Superman let fly with his new motto? Which former SEAL Team member is due for a return? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. (Email any brand-new Qs to

I really like Jason Pelham on Chicago Fire. What are the odds of him coming on board of Truck 81 full time? –Nancy
Showrunner Derek Haas is keeping mum about whether Brett Dalton’s character will stick around through the end of the season, but he does offer this tease about the storyline that kicked off this week: “We’re going to look into more of why he was floating for as long as he was, and that story is just beginning,” Haas says. “There are some enemies out there who were perfectly content to keep him out of the permanent leadership position. So that’s going to bring in the whole house.”

How many episodes will the #OneChicago shows be airing before they go on break for the Winter Olympics? –Krista
In addition to this past Wednesday’s midseason openers, all three Chicago dramas will air originals on Jan. 12 and Jan 19. There will then be two weeks of repeats, followed by the Winter Olympics.

New Amsterdam - Season 4I was devastated when New Amsterdam‘s Casey and Agnes were let go. Please reassure me this isn’t the last we have seen of them! –Cassidy
Not only will we see Casey (played by Alejandro D. Hernandez) again before the end of the season, but we’ll also get more insight into his military past.

Anything interesting on the horizon for 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s “Tarlos”? –Sarah
Oh, there are quite a few interesting developments on the horizon for T.K. and Carlos, both as individuals and as a (former) couple. But if you’re hoping for a quick answer to the mystery of why “Tarlos” called it quits, just remember — this is about the journey, not the destination. (In other words, it’s being dragged out like the ice storm.)

The midseason finale of FBI was so tense, are we going to see what happens with the Vargas revenge storyline soon? Also, please tell us we’re going to see Maggie and OA have some more tense partner moments. –Emily
For starters, showrunner Rick Eid tells Inside Line, “I’m not sure if we’ll see Vargas again. I love the actor, David Zayas, and I love the three shows we’ve done with him at the center, and I’d like to keep his storyline going for as long as possible…. In truth, we just need to come up with the right idea.” And as for Maggie/OA, “We will definitely see more tense partner moments,” Eid assures. “Their relationship is the foundation of the show. The more tense, complicated moments they can share, the better.”

NCIS Los Angeles DensiIt has been a while since NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Kessler has made his presence known. When will he return? –Tony
No on-camera encore is in the books yet, but Kensi’s elusive adversary (played by NCIS: LA writer Frank Military) will be referenced again in this Sunday’s episode.

Will we get to hear Superman’s new “motto” about “truth, justice and a better tomorrow” on Superman & Lois this season? –Phil
We delivered your Q to showrunner Todd Helbing, and he said, “So far, where we’re at in the scripts, he hasn’t said it yet. But I wouldn’t be shocked if he said that at some point in the show.”

Have you heard what’s going on with Audience Network’s Condor? Epix picked it up and has been airing Season 2, but that was filmed two years ago which makes me worry there won’t be a third season. –Jonathan
There is no news at this time on any possible third season.

Magnum DreamWe know that when Magnum P.I. returns on Jan. 7, Juliet is going to have a romantic dream about Magnum. Can you give us anything about how’s she going to react to it?! –Fran
Well for starters, despite being somewhat flustered, she will discuss said dream with one of the ohana….

I’m an avid French reader of your column and since Daria turns 25 this year, I’m wondering if you had any news concerning the Jodie spin-off that will apparently air on Comedy Central. Tracee Ellis Ross was cast as Jodie but there hasn’t been any news for a long time. –Geoffrey
I asked around, Geoffrey, and there are no updates to share.

It’s been a long time since we had any news related to The Boys. Any info on the upcoming season you can share? –Adder
When I was on the horn with Vernon Sanders, Amazon Studios’ Head of Global TV, I was sure to ask how Season 3 was shaping up. “[Showrunner] Eric Kripke keeps topping himself. It is awesome, and shocking….,” he said. “Listen, it’s a season that ‘herogasms’ in it, so I feel like I need say no more! It’s one of a kind.”

GhostsIn a previous column, we learned that every ghost will be in every upcoming episode of Ghosts. What about Crash aka the 1950s greaser/decapitated ghost played by Hudson Thames? He was seen briefly only in the pilot yet his BBC counterpart (Sir Humphrey Bone) is one of the main ghosts. –Jen
Stay tuned….

Any scoop on NBC’s Ordinary Joe? –Sylvie
Now that Music Joe knows his wife Amy is pregnant with Bobby’s baby, prepare for Joe to kind of lose it. “He does not take it well,” his portrayer James Wolk teases. “As a very well established, famous musician, he has the ability to come undone. He has the ability to become unraveled. So we see a guy who’s a little bit selfish act selfishly and not so maturely when he finds out that news — not that there’s a right way to find out that news. That’s some messed up news. But he definitely kind of spirals.”

Could you please find out who 1883‘s Claire was related to? Depending on what article I read or their Wiki and IMDB page, I get differing information. One says she was Margaret Dutton’s sister, another says she was James Dutton’s sister…. –Bernadette
I asked the show to double-secret clarify, and Claire (played by Dawn Olivieri) was James Dutton’s widowed sister. She ended her own life in the second episode, after her daughter was tragically killed.

SEAL TeamCan you find out what happened to SEAL Team‘s Thirty Mike? He kind of disappeared. Also, will Trent be back?? –Alicia
I have no updates on those two fellas, but I can tell you that dearly departed Full Metal (played by Scott Foxx) will return this Sunday, in a special way.

When will Season 8 of Endeavour air in the U.S.? It’s the BEST show I’ve found on PBS and since it premiered on ITV this September, I have been anxiously, eagerly, and impatiently awaiting it to air in the U.S. PLEASE, PLEASE TELL ME IT’S VERY SOON!!!!! –SJM
I suppose it depends on how you define “soon,” because I am told that Endeavour Season 8 will arrive Stateside sometime in Spring/Summer 2022.

Will the second season of Cheer get into it, and I mean all of it? –Betsy
The new season (dropping Wednesday, Jan. 12) addresses the Jerry misconduct allegations in Episode 5, when two of his accusers detail their allegations against him while others, including Monica, LaDarius and Gabby, react to the charges.

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