Law & Order: SVU's Donal Logue to Return in Season 23 — Find Out Who Else Is Coming Back to the Squad

Law & Order: SVU is welcoming back two more familiar faces, both of whom have ties to Det. Amanda Rollins.

Donal Logue will return as Lt. Declan Murphy, the role he played in Seasons 15 through 17, TVLine has learned exclusively. Murphy will have just wrapped up his most recent undercover assignment and will come to Capt. Benson and the Special Victims Unit for help on a high priority case involving a series of seemingly coordinated hate crimes around New York City.

In addition, Ari’el Stachel, who played Sgt. Hasim Khaldun, will reprise his role in the same episode.

Longtime viewers will remember that Murphy, who filled in for Benson at SVU during the William Lewis era, also is the father of Rollins’ older daughter, Jesse. And Khaldun, a transit cop who collaborated with Benson’s team in Seasons 21 and 22, acted as Rollins’ romantic partner during an undercover job and later seemed to take an extracurricular interest in the blonde detective.

Logue and Stachel’s episode is slated to air in January 2022. Ahead of that, though, SVU and spinoff Law & Order: Organized Crime will have a crossover event on Thursday, Dec. 9. The two-hour broadcast will deal with Richard Wheatley’s trial for the murder of Kathy Stabler — at which former ADA Rafael Barba agrees to defend Wheatley — and Eli Stabler’s sudden disappearance, which leads Elliot to ask for Olivia’s help in finding his son.

“It will be a very Law & Order Christmas,” OC showrunner Ilene Chaiken recently said regarding the OC half of the crossover, which is titled “The Christmas Episode.” “I’ll just say: I hope we don’t ruin Christmas for you for all time.”

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