This Is Us Final Season Photos: Big Three Birthday Blues, Rebecca and Jack Get Snuggly, Kate/Phillip and More


The latest additions to the Pearsons family’s photo album are bittersweet on several levels.

This Is Us has released a new batch of pictures from the NBC drama’s upcoming final season. They seem to indicate that The Big Three’s upcoming birthday — Kevin, Kate and Randall are turning 41 in the premiere — is maybe not the best! day! ever! (But then again, it so rarely is!) Take a good look at the faces around Randall’s table in that group shot and ask yourself this question: Am I looking at a bunch of people who are jazzed about having cake in a minute or two?

Elsewhere in the assortment, we see Kevin walking around a studio backlot, 1980s-era Jack and Rebecca having moments both serious and silly with the family, Randall and Beth sharing a close moment and Phillip — whom we know will eventually become Kate’s fiancé — gazing at her in a manner that’s at least slightly besotted.

And once the new photos have tenderized your emotions, you realize that this is the last time we’re going to herald visuals from a new This Is Us season, and, well, sniff.

This Is Us will return for its final season on Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 9/8c. Until then, scroll through the gallery above to get a hint at what awaits the Pearsons, and go here to check out our gallery gathering all of the show’s flash-forward clues — you hadn’t forgotten about that mystery, had you? — into one handy list. 

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