Power Book II's Mary J. Blige, Michael Rainey & Co. Talk 'Rattled' Monet, Tariq's 'Unstoppable' Crew in Season 2

It takes a lot to shake Power Book II: Ghost‘s queenpin Monet Tejada, so when Mary J. Blige describes her character as“rattled” at the start of the Starz spinoff’s Season 2, you know you’re in for a ride.

“Her son was shot,” the Grammy winner reminds TVLine in the video preview above, referring to Dru’s injury at the end of Season 1. “He survived, and she doesn’t want that to happen again, so she’s really a little off, and a little nervous.”

In fact, just about everyone is on edge when the show returns Sunday (9/8c), thanks to the murder of Prof. Jabari Reynolds in the Season 1 finale. Reynolds’ offing is the second Tariq-related death to occur at Stansfield in a very short period of time — though not everyone knows all of those details, i.e. that Tariq himself killed his prof. At the start of Season 2, young St. Patrick is working out a plan to avoid getting pinned with the crime and having Monet found out he and her other son, Cane, were involved.

Then there’s everything else: the rigors of Canonical Studies, the juggling of multiple romantic interests, the decision of whether to continue a very lucrative on-campus drug operation — y’know, the usual college stuff. In addition to Blige, we chatted with series star Michael Rainey Jr., as well as Gianni Paolo and Alix Lapri, to find out what’s in store for Tariq and his crew this semester.

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