B Positive's Annaleigh Ashford Sings and Dances in New Gina-Centric Opening Title Sequence — Watch Video

B Positive executive producer Chuck Lorre promises no more blood and guts as the CBS comedy embarks upon a new chapter.

As previously reported, the Oct. 28 episode takes the show in a whole new direction, when Annaleigh Ashford’s Gina assumes ownership of Valley Hills Retirement Home. With the revamp comes a reworked opening title sequence (as seen above) that takes full advantage of the Tony Award winner’s many talents.

“Annaleigh is an enormous theatrical singer/dancer/performer, and it’s just wonderful to watch what this woman is capable of,” Lorre gushes to TVLine. “It’s a joy to behold.”

As for the decision to ditch Season 1’s Monty Python-esque opener, which featured gory surgical illustrations (watch here), Lorre explains that it was necessary to do away with “bleak images of surgery and blood” as the show moves beyond its initial premise.

“The pun of B Positive is over,” he says. “B Positive is now a simple statement of fact, a way to live your life.” (In other words, the title now refers only to the series’ motto, not to Drew and Gina’s shared blood type.)


B Positive set the stage for its soft reboot in the Oct. 14 season opener, when one of Gina’s favorite residents at Valley Hills — Mr. Knudsen, played in Season 1 by The Love Boat‘s Bernie Kopell — died, leaving her a generous nest egg: $48 million. In Episode 2, Gina decided to use her newfound wealth to purchase the retirement home and improve the lives of the retirees near and dear to her heart, including Linda Lavin’s Norma.

“It probably would’ve been more commercially viable to do this all in one episode, but it would’ve been horribly rushed,” Lorre says of the decision to slow-burn the series’ new storyline over multiple episodes, before settling into a new rhythm with Episode 3. “Running out and buying things is pleasurable, but it’s not a deeply felt, long-lasting joy,” which ultimately led Gina to “an epiphany that ‘I can use this money to do good’ at the end of Episode 2.”

In addition to the opening title sequence, CBS has released a full version of the theme song as performed by Ashford, which you can find here.

B Positive airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c. Press PLAY on the video above to watch the new opening title sequence, then hit the comments with your reactions.