Ted Lasso Sets Up Season 2 Finale: Which Couple Is On the Rocks? And Who Betrayed Whom?

Ted Lasso 2x11

The amount of drama that unfolds in the penultimate Season 2 episode of Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso is enough to give just about anyone a panic attack in the lead-up to the Oct. 8 finale.

Let’s begin with Keeley, Roy and (ugh) Nate. While out shopping for a new suit, the “Wonder Kid” mistakes Keeley’s kindness for a deeper connection and kisses her. Keeley is not especially fazed by it, but it’s still weird. She knows it, Nate knows it. Roy, meanwhile, spends the entire afternoon helping Phoebe’s teacher set up for a parent-teacher conference — and when she asks him if he’s married, he says “No.” At no point does he specify that he’s currently involved with Keeley.

Ted Lasso Season 2, Episode 11Later on, Keeley tells Roy what happened with Nate. Roy acknowledges how awkward it must have been for her, then tells her that he spent three hours conversing with Phoebe’s teacher. He even admits how he didn’t properly address his relationship status. Not to be outdone, Keeley proceeds to tell Roy that Jamie confessed his lingering feelings to her at Rebecca’s father’s funeral. Roy has no response.

The second potential breakup is between Sam and Rebecca who, if I can speak in Ross Geller terms, are currently on “a break.” During the episode, Ghanaian billionaire football enthusiast Edwin Akufo (played by Veep‘s Sam Richardson) makes Sam an unbelievable offer to leave AFC Richmond and come play for his newly acquired club in Morocco. It’s an offer too good to be true, and one Sam would be foolish to turn down… unless Rebecca is willing to give their relationship a serious go. (Even then, he should probably take the billionaire up on his offer, yeah?) Rebecca, meanwhile, goes to Ted and tells him about her “torrid affair.” (“Sam and Rebecca are already one of my favorite TV couples,” he quips. “To have one of them in real life? Yes, please!”) But rather than tell Rebecca to break things off with Sam, he advises the boss to listen to her gut — “and on your way down to your gut, check in with your heart.” Ted Lasso 2x11So, at the end of the night, Rebecca confronts Sam. She can’t ask him not to leave, she says, but she doesn’t want him to leave, which is… something?

Episode 11 also marks Sharon’s last day with the team. Ted coordinates a big dance number to mark the bittersweet occasion — we get a glimpse of the players practicing the choreography to *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” — but she leaves early, without letting anyone know. Ted, who is still working through his abandonment issues, goes to confront Sharon at her apartment, where she explains that she’s not good at goodbyes. She also hands him a letter that she was planning to leave for him, the gist of which is that he made her a better psychologist by teaching her that it’s okay to be vulnerable with her patients. The two then head out for last-day drinks at the Crown & Anchor, where Ted one-ups Sharon’s previous attempt at an Irish goodbye. He excuses himself to go to the loo, at which point Mae hands Sharon a beer on his behalf, with one of his Army men positioned at the bottom of the glass.

Ted Lasso 2x11Afterwards, Ted receives a text from Trent Crimm. In the text, Trent gives Ted a heads up that a story about his panic attack will appear in print the following morning — and the story is already on The Independent‘s website. “As a journalist, I had to write that,” Trent says. “But as someone who respects you… My source was Nate.” Trent asks Ted if he’d care to comment, but he declines.

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