Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Premiere Recap: Doc and Aww — Plus, Is Mer Being (Professionally) Wooed?

Could Grey’s Anatomy possibly live up to the hype of ABC’s promos for the Season 18 premiere? It seemed like a tall order, what with the tease of what appeared to be Teddy and Owen’s wedding, Abigail Spencer and Kate Burton’s returns as Megan and Ellis, respectively, and the promise of yet another blast from Meredith’s past. How’d the episode do? Pretty damn good, especially if you ship Mer and Nick Marsh. Read on — we’ll go over the highlights, then you can let loose in the comments.

‘SECURITY! THIS WOMAN CLAIMS TO BE ELLIS GREY’S DAUGHTER, BUT SHE’S SHARING CREDIT!’  | As we began “Here Comes the Sun” — set, like Season 5 of Station 19, in a post-COVID world — Meredith was challenged by her mother in a dream to do more than run-of-the-mill surgeries after surviving the coronavirus. Stuck in Phoenix Festival traffic, Maggie and Winston joked about how she hurt her wrist on their honeymoon. (He, too, had come home with a sex injury.) At couples therapy Scout’s one-year checkup, Link and Amelia bickered over his proposal. And at Grey Sloan, Bailey was up to her neck in interviews for replacements for Jackson, Koracick and Jo when Cormac invited her and her family over for dinner because his son Austin badly needed a friend. Nearby, Richard panicked over Mer’s meeting with Minnesota’s “top tumor guy” David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher), who immediately noted her resemblance to her mother. And in the park, Owen’s mom mildly freaked that Leo was wearing a tutu. Megan reported that Nathan was sorry to miss Owen and Teddy’s wedding, but he’d had an overseas trip planned for months. And quietly, simply, the couple at last… oh, damn. The minister was just about to pronounce them husband and wife when a tandem bike crashed into him!

greys-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-1-scott-speedman-nick-returnsAt Jackson’s Jo’s, Levi was bemused by the disaster that Wilson had made of her hair while trying to lighten it. But her struggle with being a working mom was no laughing matter. She wasn’t sure how she was going to pull it off. Back at Grey Sloan, Teddy and Owen brought in their priest in an ambulance, while Link and Winston treated Nadia, whose wife Emma had accidentally steered into the preacher. Awkwardly, Link then consulted on Emma’s case with Amelia. In Minnesota, Mer was stunned when David unveiled the Grey Center for Medical Research. It was hers if she wanted it. Come again? She was intrigued by his Parkinson’s research but couldn’t figure out why he needed another doctor to convince the FDA to approve it. “Because I’m the patient,” he revealed. Despite the tempting offer Mer had received, Cormac encouraged her over the phone not to move to Minnesota. Clearly, they had gotten even chummier since last we spent time with them. But OMG! OMG! Over dinner with David, Mer spotted across the restaurant Nick (Scott Speedman), the doctor we’ve all been hoping would return since his one memorable episode!

greys-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-1-scott-speedman-nick-returns‘WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF SURGEONS LIKE SOCKS’ | As Teddy and Owen’s priest lost his pulse, the docs began cutting into him right there and then. (First slice of the season!) Sadly, he didn’t pull through. “A priest died on our table on our wedding day,” Owen sighed. Elsewhere, Nadia suddenly discovered that she couldn’t move her legs and was rushed into the OR by Link and Amelia. When they later reported to Emma that the priest had died, she broke down. Nadia was going to hate her. During Bailey, Maggie and Cormac’s interviews with potential new hires, they eliminated one terrible contender (a reality-show contestant) after another (a doctor who refused to do pro bono work). Finally, Richard granted a wannabe Plastics Posse chief privileges to help fix the face of the guy who blasted off his cheek on Station 19. Afterwards, Bailey & Co. were impressed enough to offer Dr. Lin the job, but she’d been so unimpressed by Levi in the OR that she was going to have to think about it. As the episode neared its conclusion, Owen led Teddy to the Emerald City Bar, where they were greeted by friends and at last married by a newly ordained Megan.

greys-anatomy-recap-season-18-episode-1-scott-speedman-nick-returnsAt Grey Sloan, Link admitted to Amelia that sure, marriage could be faulty. But he wanted to get it right, for himself and Scout. “I can’t,” Amelia said sadly. Rather, “I can, but I don’t want to. And you used to not want to with me.” She loved him, loved the way he was with Scout. “Then marry me, Amelia,” he said. “No,” she replied. (Sigh.) At the bar, Cormac confided in Bailey that Austin had been having panic attacks since he found out that his dad was dating. Cormac had stopped, but the panic attacks hadn’t. In Grey Sloan’s parking lot, Jo shared with Link that she hadn’t been able to drop Luna at daycare. “I never want to leave her side, ever,” she said, for fear that the baby would feel like she had when her mother abandoned her. In turn, he revealed that he thought it was really over with Amelia. Back in Minnesota, Mer was ushered to the hotel bar, where she found Nick waiting for her. Holy crap, the chemistry was not only still there, it was through the freaking roof! Yet she told him that she was seeing someone. “No, I’m not seeing someone,” she then admitted. “I was, but his son had a hard time with it,” so she wasn’t seeing him anymore. Aw, poor Cormac. But lucky Nick! The two insisted that they weren’t going to sleep with each other, and he revealed that he’d gotten his niece into college. After she disclosed that she’d beaten COVID, he suggested that it was tough being a miracle, wondering what you were going to do with that fact — exactly the thing her mother had asked in her dream. Though she let him walk her to her hotel room door, she refused to let him in. “Keep walking,” she said. “Bossy,” he replied. Sparks!

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