Resident Recap: Cops Come Bearing Bad News for Conrad in Episode 2

The Resident Nic Dead Alive

Well, fellow Resident viewers — [heaves a deep sigh] — we knew this was coming. We’d seen the ominous Season 5 trailer, news of Emily VanCamp’s exit had broken, and we endured that heartbreaking — and heavy-on-the-foreshadowing — season premiere last week.

So when Conrad’s doorbell rang at the end of Tuesday’s episode, but he was met with two cops instead of Nic’s smiling face, it wasn’t entirely surprising. But hoo boy, did it still hurt.

As revealed in the Sept. 21 season opener, Nic had been away on an overnight spa retreat, leaving Conrad to rock the single-dad life for about 36 hours. As Tuesday’s hour neared its end, a concerned Conrad checked his phone again, curious why Nic still wasn’t back yet after she’d texted him earlier, “Almost home.”

“Grabbing Gigi and headed home. Can’t wait to see you,” Conrad had texted back. (Aw!) Then, later, “Welcome home, dinner almost ready,” (aw!), followed even later by, “Call when you know your ETA. Love you.” (Uh-oh, Conrad’s worried.) Just then, as Conrad was praising Gigi for eating all of her dinner, the doorbell rang, and Conrad lit up. “Oh! Who’s that? Who’s there?” Conrad asked his daughter. “Is it Mommy? Yes! Mommy!”

And yet, we at home already knew it wouldn’t be Mommy, and Conrad discovered that himself when he rounded the corner and instead saw two police officers standing at the front door. “Conrad Hawkins?” one of the cops began. Conrad nodded. “There’s been an accident.”

The episode ended there, so it will be another week until we find out what, exactly, happened to Nic on her way home. The emotional torture continues!


Other developments from Episode 2:

* Billie unexpectedly encountered her son, Trevor (played by newcomer Miles Fowler), at Chastain after he brought in his friend who had overdosed. Billie and Trevor’s dynamic was immediately confrontational, and AJ caught on that they knew each other somehow; despite Billie asking Trevor to keep their relationship a secret from her colleagues, Trevor later revealed to AJ that he’s Billie’s son, with whom she wanted no connection after giving birth to him. (Trevor, of course, doesn’t know why just yet.)

Later, after carrying out heart valve replacement surgery on Trevor’s friend, AJ told Trevor that he could relate to the boy’s lifelong feelings of abandonment. But if Trevor continues to lash out at others, AJ said, he’ll never find the sense of belonging he craves.

* After Devon was found unconscious in a Chastain elevator, the source was finally identified as hydrogen sulfide poisoning in that janitor’s closet from last week. Devon eventually recovered, and he and Leela decided to move in together after that scare. Even better? By turning on the fan in that janitor’s closet after he found his patient Winston collapsed in there, Devon helped to clear out most of the toxic gas and ultimately saved Winston’s life. Yay, Devon!

* Kit! And! Bell! Are! Going! On! A date!

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