Did What If...?'s Killmonger Slay? What Was B99's No. 1 Callback? Who Had the Week's Best Supersex? And More Qs!

What If Killmonger

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about dozens of shows including Scenes From a Marriage, Y: The Last Man, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sex Education!

1 | When Madonna appeared atop Sunday’s VMAs, did you think — even for one glorious second — that she was going to recreate one of her iconic performances for the network’s big 4-0, rather than just wish it a happy birthday and walk off?

The Walking Dead2 | Where did The Walking Dead‘s Leah find such a good post-apocalyptic colorist?

3 | Boy, Evil‘s Ben sure hopped back and forth between Syracuse University and New York City — a four-hour drive — real easily, didn’t he? Also, do you suspect they had to give David a PC laptop (versus a Mac), since Ben wound up having to take it apart/hack it?

4 | Scenes From a Marriage‘s framing device, where we see the actors walking onto the set surrounded by crew and getting prepared before the action starts: intriguing, or distracting?

5 | Which of Corey Stoll’s arrogant characters deserved a bigger smack: Peter on Scenes From a Marriage or Mike from Billions?

John Oliver Trevor Noah6 | Whose new late-night set do you prefer: John Oliver‘s or Trevor Noah‘s?

7 | Doesn’t the trailer for Netflix’s Pretty Smart look like a Freeform/ABC Family reject from way back when?

8 | Y: The Last Man‘s Agent 355 definitely made that plane crash as some sort of diversion, right? Do you think she has a secret agenda? Also, is Kimberly Cunningham (played by Amber Tamblyn) shaping up to become the most dangerous character in this ‘verse so far? Speaking of Y….

Last Man9 | Will a TV show with the words “Last Man” in the title ever reallyyyy be about the last man on Earth?

10 | Was there anything cornier this week than Hell’s Kitchen‘s Gordon Ramsay pretending he had found drugs in the dorm? And on the flip side, who else was a blubbering mess at the end of the finale, after that surprise [spoiler]?

11 | Why does Stargirl‘s Artemis wear a helmet as a supervillain? Neither of her parents did, and if she is (inexplicably?) super-strong, does she really need the head protection? Just how quickly did Isaac learn to turn his mom’s violin into a sonic weapon? Oh, and how will the massive damage done to the school cafeteria and bathroom be explained away?

12 | If Only Murders in the Building‘s Mabel and Oscar were heading from the UWS to Teaneck via the George Washington Bridge, why were they on the FDR? (Other than to make it easy for them to instead take a detour to Long Island?)

13 | Between the animation and Michael B. Jordan’s voice, has Killmonger been What If…?‘s most uncanny MCU character yet?

14 | Does Bettina’s laugh on The Challenge haunt you in your sleep? And with Fessy and Josh’s altercation turning physical, did they just punch their tickets home?

15 | Who had the past week’s better bedroom-trashing supersex — Titans‘ Superboy and Blackfire, or Lucifer and Chloe?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine16 | Brooklyn Nine-Nine series finale spoilers alert! When Jake revealed to Amy that he had reached out to Bruce Willis’ people, who in turn told him that the Die Hard star “would not engage” with something like the heist, did a part of you stop and think to yourself, “Hmm, I wonder if that’s the response the producers got when they tried to arrange a cameo?” As for the series finale’s many callbacks and reveals, what was your favorite? Was it Holt’s tramp stamp? Finding out that Jake tried (and failed) to recreate the Backstreet Boys cold open? Seeing Jake and Charles featured in a centerfold for Fancy Brudgom?

17 | In the second of Big Brother‘s back-to-back double evictions, did Azah hand Xavier the check by not targeting him and Kyland for eviction? And were you surprised that Derek F. was able to stay awake for the entire two-hour episode?

YOU Season 3 Spoilers18 | Judging it solely by the just-released Season 3 trailer, isn’t it kind of funny that YOU started out as a Lifetime show that didn’t quite feel like a Lifetime show… only to become a Netflix show that feels exactly like a Lifetime show?

19 | On Sex Education, is there any chance in hell that Otis and Ruby’s relationship will survive the season? And we seriously need a proper ‘ship name for Otis and Maeve… any suggestions?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!