Charmed Casts Lucy Barrett as Macy's Replacement in Season 4 — What's Her Connection to Mel and Maggie?

The Power of Three will remain intact, thanks to Lucy Barrett. The Australian actress is joining Charmed as a new series regular when the reboot returns to The CW for Season 4 in 2022.

Charmed‘s fourth season will be overseen by a new trio of showrunners — Jeffrey Lieber, Joey Falco and Nicki Renna — who have this to say about Barrett’s character: “Her name, backstory, powers, and connection to Mel and Maggie are being kept under wraps, because… well… it’s just more fun that way. What we will say is she’s an artist with a wild, unpredictable love for life and a one-of-a-kind view of the world that serves her well in her art, which is her life’s passion. She’s fun, irreverent, impulsive, strong-willed and will bring a brand-new energy to the Power of Three.”

During a recent interview with TVLine, Renna said, “We’re so excited about this character. It’s an opportunity to bring in an incredibly fun, irreverent, unpredictable personality. She’s edgy and smart and has a wicked sense of humor, but we also like that she’s not perfect. She’s flawed. She has insecurities and fears like we all do. We’re just having a lot of fun, and we’re excited to explore how that will affect the dynamic between Mel and Maggie, as well as Harry and Jordan.”

Added Lieber, “We have taken into account that we don’t want to rely on Marisol’s secrets to provide the new character. So this will be a different experience than anything that’s happened on this show or the previous one. We’re going to rethink the entire dynamic.”

News of Barrett’s casting comes two months after Madeleine Mantock announced her “difficult decision” to leave the series after three seasons. Mantock played eldest sister Macy until the character’s untimely death in Charmed‘s third season finale.

For those who watched the original Charmed on The WB, you’re probably feeling a sense of déjà vu right about now. Shannen Doherty, who played eldest sister Prue, also parted ways with the show after three seasons, allowing for the introduction of Rose McGowan as estranged fourth sister Paige.

Your thoughts on Barrett as the new Charmed One? Any theories about her potentially non-sisterly connection to Mel and Maggie? (Come on, Marisol can only have so many secret kids!) Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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