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Evil EPs Answer (Literally) Burning Q: What's Up With the Sex Goo?


Our significant concern about Evil‘s Kristen and her actions this season has been documented. So after Sunday’s episode, please allow us to turn our newest apprehension to the matter of the ectoplasm-like substance that formed under Kristen and Andy’s bed while they made love after his return from a mountain-climbing expedition.

Was that [checks notes to make sure I’m using the appropriate technical term]… was that supernatural sex goo?

For those who didn’t watch the episode: As Andy and Kristen engaged in marital relations, complete with animal masks and a little light bondage, a substance of indeterminate origin formed under their bed, then dripped through the floor and wound up burning a small hole through every level of the house. And, going with the nature of this show, that was far from the most disturbing thing that happened during the hour. (Read a full recap here.)

When you’ve got a query so specific, it only makes sense to go to the source. So we made sure to ask series creators Robert and Michelle King about exactly what the hell was happening under the Bouchards’ bed during Andy’s welcome-home after-party.

TVLINE | So, I know Katja Herbers has said she’s been playing Kristen as not possessed, but just having a lot going on with the repercussions of everything that’s happened to her and that she has done. But there is goo that forms underneath her bed while they’re having sex, so how do those two ideas mesh?
MICHELLE KING | It depends which one of us you ask. Robert can explain how it is possession, and I can explain why it’s a really bad housekeeper. [Laughs]
ROBERT KING | It’s partly a joke because it’s partly Alien, the movie. It was supposed to be like the acid that comes out, and it burns through everything. In fact, at the end credits, we were going to do one thing where you’re in China, the Great Wall, and it burns through an upside-down Great Wall, and it just felt like, no. [Laughs]

There’s three ways the supernatural happens on our show. One way is that it’s in a vision. The other way is, it’s metaphor. And the third way is it’s [Kristen], usually with a bad medication, and seeing things that aren’t there. I would put that in the world of metaphor.

ROBERT KING | There’s something going on with [Kristen], the way she’s using sex that makes it burn right through her kitchen into her basement. I mean, makes me laugh even saying that! But yes, I have a feeling that will be a weird one, because it doesn’t seem to come back. We had a lot of debate about it… Anyway, it feels sometimes like the show nudges its way toward some kind of metaphor that you want to grab not as literally, but… it sets a tone. I would put that in the world of “sets a tone.”

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