Fear TWD Is Finally Bringing Back Sydney Lemmon for Isabelle/Al Arc — Plus, June's Sick Season 7 Discovery

Two seasons after she last appeared on Fear the Walking Dead as Isabelle, Sydney Lemmon is at last returning to the AMC drama in Season 7, it was announced at the Walking Dead spinoff’s Comic-Con @ Home panel Saturday.

Regular viewers of the series will recall that in “The End of Everything” (recapped in full here), the Civil Republic Military chopper pilot formed a fast and intense connection with Al. It was so intense, in fact, that Isabelle didn’t, as protocol dictated, kill the woman that she had so quickly come to love. In Season 6, Isabelle was heard but not not seen, as Al warned her “beer lady” not to land at an infected office building. In the season finale, Isabelle, hidden behind her gear, helped Al rescue a sampler platter of our regulars, among them Luciana, Daniel, Wes, Sarah and Jacob.

In addition to the Helstrom leading lady’s comeback to Fear the Walking Dead, the presentation also revealed that The Mandalorian‘s Omid Abtahi would return as Strand’s new acquaintance Howard, Dickinson vet Gus Halper had been cast as Will, and Alycia Debnam-Carey would be making her directorial debut. And, as you’d hope, there were sneak peeks at Season 7, which kicks off Sunday, Oct. 17. In one such clip (below), we get a glimpse of Morgan and Grace’s life post-big bang; in another, June and her late love’s father John discover a horrifying throwback to cult leader Teddy’s reign of terror as a serial killer.

To check out the scene, press PLAY on the video at the top of this post. Then hit the comments with your wish list for the coming season? If we’re diving into the CRM, are we owed a glimpse of Rick (into whose custody Anne delivered him)?